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#ActForAmazonia Poems : Home Sweet Home, Call Of The Wise, Don’t Beef With The Planet


Home Sweet Home
(Once upon a life)

The lung of our home sweet home,
The dome of the soul of all people,
The role of oxygen coming from the soil,
The mantra Om of our global temple.

Siberia, Indonesia, Africa, California, Portugal
Burning to ashes and gone in front of us all,
Deserts found where trees used to stand tall
Our entire planet lies in a black hole 

Between two poles
With us lost and little 
In the middle as a riddle.

Let’s get out of our comfort-able zone
And fight for the indigenous people like our own,
The birds and the trees, the earth and the seas.
Our curse is our greed, our worst enemy.
Reach for the force that’s within,
Rich from the source that’s hidden.

For the biodiversity and for eternity,
The reality is scary, no need to be visionary.
This is due to the stupidity of Humanity,
No humility, no harmony and no unity here.
Mankind can really disappear.

Life and time are of the essence and renaissance.
Will we change before we exterminate ourselves?
Will we collaborate before we end all of the hate?
Will we elevate ourselves, educate our cells,
Innovate for health, instigate our fate,
And reverse the trend of our human tale?

One more thing : « Is plutonium utopian
Or are all consciences globally on opium? »
We humans can be the serum
If our minds open up like a forum,
“Run forest run, Run forest run”
Spread your leaves under the sun…

For now in our mouth we’re just liars
Because our house is on fire!
And while we just continue to look finer, just remember,
The Earth got home court advantage forever
And we humans are just the under gods and the outsiders.

As the world keeps spinning and the phones still ringing
Have we lost our feelings at the cost of living
Should we stop the killing and is love a real thing?
The Earth is bleeding and the Amazon is burning,
But nature can be healing and humans can be giving,
So let a new story of mankind begin…

Once upon a life in the Gala of Gaia,
To reach the nirvana on the laws of Karma.
Mankind can be kind when love is in its Aura.
May our summer postcard be the roadmap
To the Garden of Eden for harmony lies in Pangea
As a symbol for the beginning of a new era.

Let’s all get out of our 5 star comfort-able zone
And look out for the stars that we don’t own
To fight to end this almost irreversible spectacle.
This is for us all our one and only home sweet home.

Poetree of life, poetree of life, poetree of life

Author : Vincent Avanzi 
Chief Poetic Officer, A Human Odyssey


The Call Of The Wise

Listen… Mother Nature
Is begging for mature creatures
To co-write a modern future
In tune with a harmony culture.

Can you feel the « call of the wise »
Where the shaman preachers
Are aligned with business leaders
In a mutual conscious peacefair?

Be the student and the teacher,
For the poorest to the richest.
It’s do or die, no time for a heart seizure.
We as humans decide the fate we’ll nurture.

For a World Wise Win Win with every life signature,
Once upon a life, to put pressure on pleasure,
Wake up, this is our call of the wise adventures.
Life is precious and we can all still be the saviors.

Author : Vincent Avanzi 
Chief Poetic Officer, A Human Odyssey


State of Emergency
(Don’t beef with the planet)

Global state of emergency due to human occurrences.
Clear out your eyes to see, here is a lit of what we need:
Stop eating meat, preserve the trees and clean out the seas,
Stop cattle farming and soy farming to prevent forest burning.

Replace greed par green, palm oil in soil by seeds,
Bad deals and sad scenes by high dreams and ideals,
Killing by healing, envy by needs, and by all means,
Please everybody save the trees by not eating beef.

We repeat, do not go to war with our beautiful planet.
Instead, look for a win-win or we’ll all end up in a casket.
Love, unity and harmony with more mutual respect,
Home, dignity and biodiversity, on one common project :

Protect the rainforests
And take care of our planet.

Author : Vincent Avanzi 
Chief Poetic Officer, A Human Odyssey



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