{Sustainable Brands Istanbul} THE RETURN OF PANGEA, The Gala of Gaia and Gafa



Intro Pangea

The original super Continent, could also be our essential future monument,
Peaceful with no opponents as a magnificent horizon for people and parliaments.

Today I would like to invite us to take a pledge for “the return of Pangea “
As the Gala of Mankind with Gaia and all the Earthlings breathing in the energy of Karma.
A Global pact with the GAFA of social soulful impact to bridge all of the gaps
In a new roadmap as our future inspiring postcard.
Inside lies the unity of humanity, the cosmos in osmosis
And the Universe in a single unique verse.

When I hear sometimes bullshit from some of the blue chip companies,
I really want us to change all this BS and switch it to SB, all this chaos into OK,
And turn impossible into I’m possible, we’re possible,
And a more sustainable equitable profitable society is possible !

Let’s Redefine, Redesign & Deliver together The Common Good Life
The future is our priceless prize, with the horizon of a paradise.
Let’s humanize, modernize and harmonize the corporate enterprise as a compromise.

Salut, Salam, Chalum, Namaste, Merhaba.
Introducing the gala of gafa and gaia. The following poetic Speech is entitled “The Return of Pangea”.
The images of the Earth are brought to you courtesy of Blueturn to give you a sense of poetically correct overview effect…

Poetic Speech : The Return of Pangea

Dear global citizens,
Now let’s go back to business and wisdom for a global happiness kingdom.
Pangea the return, in this millennium, in a worldwide arena as our new stadium.
Today we care about the outcome of humanity not only its income.
So change the word for good and not for goods, unless they’re common.
Alchemists around the world who turn gold into platinum, everybody welcome !

I’m sure you heard of the 4Ps of business for a sustainable future:
“Purpose Profit Planet People”.
Today, I want to add a 5th P, P for poetry to humanize and harmonize the world
And bring souls into corporations in a world of cooperation as a human revolution!
My name is Vincent Avanzi, I’m a Chief Poetic Officer, not a fortune teller, I’m a purpose teller,
My job is to enlighten events and poetize brands, through workshops and key notes,
And I’d like to take you on a poetic journey to rewrite our future together.

First question I want to ask you is
“What is the value of a brand if there is no virtue in your hand?”
You know it reminds me of a quote from Einstein,
He said “Try not to become a man of success. Rather a man of value.”
In other words, try not to become a brand of success, rather brand of value.
Maybe that’s the real success!

Second question I want to ask you: Who wants to be N°1?
Why don’t we just try to be ONE, without numbers for once,
Each is our own uniqueness but united.
One humanity, one world, one harmony, one love, one family, one soul

It’s not the winner takes all, it’s the winner shares all.
We all have a voice and we all have a choice
So We can be part of the solution or part of the pollution.

I mean what will be left for us in the future if we can’t do what’s right in the present?
Do we want to create a better society for the few… or for the future
In harmony with nature as mankind may have now matured?

This post capitalism era we live in is a shot at humanism.
It’s not History in the making, it’s the future and amazing
And if we all came from different boats, now we’re on the same ship,
You know what it’s called ? The HR, the ”Human Relation” ship.

So what if after making power points, we made purpose points?
Instead of building business plans, we made happiness plans?
Instead of maximizing our earnings, we started to harmonize the living?

As Gandhi said “Let’s be the change we want to see in this world
We’re all weapons of mass construction to build a sustainable society,
With our ideas and ideals to believe in our dreams and achieve all our schemes.

Having the consciousness to change, evolve and finally be kind,
This may very well be the miracle of life and the beauty of mankind.
We the people, all created equal, nobody is evil so imagine the riddle,
“A dream you dream alone is only a dream, a dream we dream together is reality”,
Said a wise man once from the Beatles in a song destined to us all… Imagine…

Imagine we have a dream, Imagine we are a team
Imagine we all say oui, Imagine we can all be
Imagine we might just win, Imagine this can be real.
Imagine your company is magic in its public utility
Imagine we build a world of harmony as one human family.
Where profit meets meaning and purpose for Net Positive, Public Benefit
And Corp social responsibility, with a Ying Yang leadership
To give us a climate chance at a global warming of the hearts, can you feel this ?

You know, like the Code of Ethics of Artifical intelligence
Or maybe the Poetics of Awareness of our conscience,
Or even the importance of collective intelligence, love quotient and green finance
As the alliance and real balance of two talents like the guidance of two parents,
In the dancefloor of our choose our own personal zone of influence.

I mean they to talk a lot about Artificial Intelligence
But what we see is human in the heart and soul of tolerance
And what we dream of is a world where art is official like the Renaissance,
Where love must be shown as a providence!
Are we still looking for more evidence of human arrogance?

Bottom line is, what future do we really want to build?
Let’s invent a sustainable “brand new world” with our human skills.
And here is a list of 10 questions destined to the souls of our corporations:

Tomorrow, what will be your Social Mission Statement, your Environmental commitment,
Your Human Potential Empowerment, your soul awareness enlightenment ?
Your contribution to our human evolution with good ethical working conditions ?
Your common good retribution and share in our worldwide reconciliation ?
The difference between cooperation and competition?
Your purpose and your horizon, your values and your higher mission ?

At the 21st century crossroad, Could the motto of our essential universal goals become
“Business + awareness of our souls = success + happiness for us all.”?

Hein, if yes, let’s put harmony in the mission of our companies
As an opportunity of unity for Humanity in our common destiny.
I don’t really know if big or small is beautiful,
But I true believe that together and forever are wonderful.

On a personal level, it all comes down to this at the end of the day:
Did you make anybody’s life better today?
Have your organization felt useful in a specific way?
Do you feel like you learned something on the way?
And that you took a sincere direction when you pressed play?

If healthy is the new cool and slow life is the new food,
Then harmony is the new you because poetry is in your soul,
To live and lead in your own shoes and tools, people, yes purpose is the new rule.

With all good respect, connect your dots and think outside the robots,
Nobody can stop your plot on your way to the top of your ideals
When love is in your art, you become that free unlimited pilot of your dreams
Capable of the finest and fairest deals for the next 100 years !

2020 the year of “plenty plenty” if we resist we exist.
2050 the year of “empty empty”, if we insist we exit.

Please be that role business model, that pioneer of the good,
That one of a kind manufacturer and conscious leader
Dare to be YOU, the master and the student of your own ceremony
With a shot at your personal destiny and our collective Rendez-vous with History.

That’s why profitable and sustainable is not a question, nor an invitation,
It’s an obligation for the future generations.
As we do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.

When you change the world, it’s a chance for all
And when you change the world, it’s chance for love…

Continue to cherish and unleash your human potential,
Make your brands sustainable, our values respectable and our trading equitable,
Believe in something exceptional looking at us and the future as one single soul
In the dome of our home sweet home.

Just be great-ly useful and be gently grateful,
Actually don’t be careful, be wonderful!

On that blue note, wishing the best products services or life that money can’t buy
To someone Is my definition of a good bye

“All right”, instead of “all wrong”, “hell no”, or “heaven yes”,
To wrap this off, I’d like to propose a toast and together to take an oath,
With a new pledge of tolerance to pursue our collective harmony growth

“We pledge allegiance to the Pact of the United Citizens of the World
And to the Return of Pangea for which it stands, one Humanity under Good,
With invincible principles of peace, liberty, harmony, justice and common good life for all”

Thank you deeply for your heart of living and for building inclusive bridges,
Keep co-creating the future with no ceiling,
And now let the new story of mankind begin.

This is the return of Pangea, the gala between the poetry of Mankind,
The strategy of the Gafa and the beauty of the energy of Gaia.

Alleluya, Salut, Salam, Chalum, Namaste, Merhaba and sayonara.
Bon voyage dans l’amour et l’avenir avec un grand A.
Merci, thank you, gracias, chié chié, chukran.

Author : Vincent Avanzi
Chief Poetic Officer – The Ink Of The Future







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Images : Courtesy of Blueturn / Music : Ursidae Paris (Clemshy)


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