Mariam tribute poem : « The O.D. of the Sea » (ocean plastic waste)


The O.D. of the sea
(Mariam Tribute – Long version)

Mariam, the mermaid, the lady of the sea,
Baby Dugong in Koh Libong is no more to see.

She touched the hearts of the Thai people,
She was affectionate, little and vulnerable,
Plastic waste inside of her and all animals,
Sad endings like these are becoming universal.

From “Over Dose” of human pollution
To “Ocean Dreams” of heaven solutions,
Plastic ocean is not a magic potion,
It’s a tragic lotion to practice with caution.

Act for the rebellion of the billions,
Against the extinction of the millions
And replace this current climate catastrophe
by a true mankindness and nirvana karma trophy.

We can all cowrite the symphony of Harmony
Of our common destiny with all living species.
In the unity of humanity lies the opportunity
To peacefully clean the seas by any dreams necessary.

I mean, isn’t a world wild love life worthwhile
To feel the “global warming” of the hearts?
When we change the world, it’s a chance for all
And when we change the world, it’s chance for love.

2020 the year of “plenty plenty” if we resist we exist.
2050 the year of “empty empty”, if we insist we exit.
We ask for a global pause for a noble cause
To create a more humble world with honest words.

In the name of humanity, sobriety and prosperity,
In the name of biodiversity, dignity and solidarity,
Please care for our babies of all living species
For they are the seeds we planted in all of the seas.

End the Over Dose and give birth to Ocean Dreams
For in the skies of love, we fly with our wisdom wings.
Mariam, the mermaid, the lady of the sea,
Baby Dugong in Koh Libong is no more to see.

This poem was written looking at the marine debris
Along the shores of the coast of Krabi…

PS : Spread the magic and end the plastic,
The earth is a heart so spark love into it,
“Healing me softly” is a song in our mother tongue
So we can sing it eternally in harmony.

Author : Vincent Avanzi
Chief Poetic Officer, A Human Odyssey

Design by Moowan Sakulyong & Sirikul Nui Laukaikul
(The BrandBeing Consultant Co)

Read more about Mariam and her story



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