Plant-For-The-Planet : A Poetic Peace Treeaty


Plant For The Planet : On the 9th of March in Monaco at the Grimaldi Forum was the launch of the Plant a Trillion Trees campaign with Felix Finkbeiner, the Prince Albert II, UN representatives, special activist guests and more than 50 children.  Discover here the opening poetic speech by Vincent Avanzi : A Poetic Peace Treeaty «Run Forest Run»

A Poetic Peace Treeaty

Dear global citizens, caring children,
World politicians and planet ambassadors.
The world is a roadmap and the Earth is a life
With love in a postcard in the birth of a heart.

Poetree of life, poetree of life, poetree of life,
Can you feel the “global warming” of the hearts
When the nature comes alive?

If poverty is the root of all evil,
Poetree is the root of all people.
Treat a tree like you would treat your own pupil.
Cherish it as a miracle, plants are vital for our survival.

So imagine… a poetic Peace Treety with every living species
Living in harmony with nature as one family in our human destiny.
All the seven billion human beings still believing in our common dreams,
Listen to the kids, Plant A Trillion Trees, what a brilliant song to sing.

We all have a voice and we all have a choice,
We can be part of the pollution or part of the solution.
For the sake of future generations, we ARE the revolution
To change the world for good and not for goods into the woods.

Plant a seed of love in the soil to heal the world
And hope to see the day the universe
Stands in a single unique verse!

“Run Forest Run, Run Forest Run,
Spread your leaves under the sun”

Vincent Avanzi
Chief Poetic Officer – The Ink Of The Future


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