RESURGENCE Festival : Poetic Speech « The Gala of Gaia, the Blessings of Human Kindness »


Resurgence Festival of Well Being 2018
From economic growth to growth in well being

The Resurgence Festival of Well-Being took place this week end in London at Rudolf Steiner House. Organised by the Resurgence magazine and Satish Kumar (founder of the Schumacher College and author of « Soil, Soul and Society »), here is the  list of beautiful souls, artists and speakers : Tom Hodgkinson, Writer and Editor, The Idler, Louise Chester, Mindfulness at Work, Satish Kumar, Editor Emeritus, Resurgence & Ecologist, Mr Gee A Poet’s Life, William Sieghart, Founder of Forward Prizes for Poetry & Poetry Pharmacy, Susan Derges, Artist, Vincent Avanzi, Chief Poetic Officer, Hannah Critchlow, Neuroscientist and Author, Oliver Sylvester-Bradley; Awantika Dubey with William Tooby, Indian Classical Music. Below is the poetic speech presented by Vincent Avanzi.

The Gala of Gaia : The Blessings of Human Kindness
The Love Revolution: The Bing Bang of Ying Yang

Once up a time, in a wild wild quest,
Imagine we are one, in a worldwide nest,
Color blind and wise, between East and West,
A We for an I, Earth is our witness.

If silence is death, permission to speak
7 deep breaths,…. no intention to teach,
Letters of trust and directions to reach
Heaven on Earth is our reason to live

Paradise is the life we’re after
Humanity is the major actor
Happiness is the vital partner
Harmony is the final chapter

As the world keeps spinning, and the phones still ringing
Have we lost our feelings, at the cost of living
Should we stop the killing and is love a real thing?
The Earth is bleeding, nature can be healing,
So let the new story of mankind begin

In a world full of harmony, with love in the melody
The purpose of life for us, is still the pursuit of happiness
When the souls of 7 billion stars are finally born
As an instrument of love to influence the world.

Give a kid a ball and he will play,
Give a kid a book and he will learn,
Give a kid a hug and he will love,
Give a kid a gun and he will sh…

So why don’t we all put down our AK47
If we’re all OK for this heaven?
The following poetry is not about word play,
It’s about letting the love shine and the world play.

I don’t know if poverty the root of all evil,
Maybe property is cause we were all born equal
But what I really feel is that poetree the root of all people.

“Hello Humans we have a problem” in our system,
Because we’re all brothers and all sisters
And we have the power to change the future
And write a poem in all our cultures.

Let me start again, talking about human blessings :
Dear Satish “Hello your highness »,
Or should we say instead “hello your kindness
What is the madness in all this business?
Instead of the offspring of happiness and the well-being of our goodness,
As Earthlings evolving in their one ness and aiming at worldwide awareness.
I hereby beg for forgiveness for the stress we have put of this planet now in a state of illness.

We came we saw we conquered
Great, but didn’t the world and us all suffer?
What if we missed the real quest ?
On the trail to the Holy Grale didn’t we derail from our only train?

What if we started sailing in another good direction
Instead of selling our 4 dimensions?
Conscious decisions versus dreams of an ecological civilization,
All the 200 United Nations coming together as One… living organization!

Like a glimpse in the matrix with the poetics of human ethics
To design new politics to save us from the incoming crisis
From the rhetoric of economics to the systemic of Holistic
Everybody, be an optimistic, part time idealist not a so called realistic!
Consider a world and life closer to nature
If we just stop a second to look at the bigger picture!

Life is a pilgrimage, to see the light with our real image
Slow down, reset your software with your softskills to become more aware.
From the separation of many of our elements
To the reconciliation of all the ladies and gentlemen,
As we are all connected all related.

“We don’t carry the burden of the past on our shoulders”
We carry the bird of the future of love together for our children
Let’s start a “LOVE REVOLUTION”, the Big-Bang of Ying-Yang
Instead of an eternal return of a game of Ping-Pong against King Kong.
Isn’t a worldwide love life worthwhile
To give us a climate chance at a global warming of the hearts?

Let me pause to share a personal story, like a fairy tale of fair trade :
I had a conversation with someone on the « real » value of business.
He said “how much ?” I said, what do you mean : how much ?”
We’re done with the gold rush, now it’s about soul search if you ask us,
We don’t care about how many millions of euros u got in your purse.
What matters is the billions of people you’re going to touch.

He lushed so I pursued, “the value of business?”
It can be your financial value but also your social environmental or human value.
I think the true value of your business lies in the virtue of your kindness.
It is defined by the good you do out of no interest for the benefit of the rest.
And it’s actually the blessings of a human being :
From an idea, an ideal and a dream
To making it real with a scheme, good deeds and a scene,
Not the spending of a human’s greed at the cost of the world on its knees.

I could feel he was shaking and about to have a crush,
So I asked him: at the end of the day, what is most essential for you?
Right there, I witnessed a miracle, like a real fine intervention from the oracle :
He went into a short concert of silence
And I could see the stars gazing in his eyes and his aura starting to enlighten,
Like Gandhi marching for non-violence.

All of the sudden, he said : Love ! Love is the most essential, love is what’s eternal!
As if he wanted to say : “yes I want to embrace life, marry the world,
Dance in the rhythm and be one with its music”
I said “all right, love, let’s build on that, make it your life paint brush.”
So how much? Much love, that’s how much, in the name of…the world.

And one day, we’ll replace Mount Rushmore and the statues of dead presidents
By Mount Much Love with the values of great citizens, like you.

Let me give you another metaphor of what’s at stake for our fate :
You know what Rosa Parks and children have in common ?
They follow their heart, their intuition, they do what they want !
Against all odds, all gods, all laws,
No rewind, no repeat, just play and pause like the wizard of Oz!
You remember that amazing freedom feeling as a kid ?
That’s our part of humanity and part of eternity.

Let’s empower the new generation for a heaven revolution
As our next human evolution for the rebirth of a new conscious civilization.
We want to go down into History, we want to go up into the Future !
But what’s going to be left for us in the future
If we can’t do what’s right in the present?

“Love or Hate”, we cannot negotiate with our fate !
We don’t want “more money more money money”,
We just want “more loving more loving more loving”.

So instead of everybody trying to be N°1,
How about we just try to be ONE, together without numbers for once.
One humanity, one world, one harmony one love, one family, one soul

It’s not the winner takes all, it’s the winner shares all.
Change the world for good not for goods !
We all have a voice and we all have a choice:
We can be part of the solution or part of the pollution.
To be or not to be, “to be a part of or apart from”,
That is the question for this generation.

So let’s become that “Harmony Generation
The generation that said Yes to life Yes to the future Yes to our planet
Yes to common good and Yes to our human kindness !

We were supposed to care about the outcome of humanity, not only its income
From capitalism to humanism, maybe one day a kingdom will come,
But only in the midst of freedom and wisdom.

Do we want to create a better society for the few or for the future,
In harmony with nature as mankind may have now matured?
The future will be magic or tragic depending on how we act in it,
How about we build a world of harmony to make it more poetic?

Poetree of life, poetree of life, poetree of life
Run forest run, run forest run, spread your trees under the sun…
2020 the year of “plenty plenty” if we resist we exist.
2050 the year of “empty empty”, if we insist we exit.
The only progress that matters is the forest on the planet,
Not the survival of the fittest, but the survival of the forest!

So plant a seed of love In the soil to heal the world,
From Gaia and the Earthlings, to karma with the living.
Our human nature is just the connection between humans and nature
Let’s rewrite the future together
As « we are nature », we are the culture and we are the future!
I don’t really know if big or small is beautiful,
But I feel together and forever are wonderful.

Isn’t it poetically correct to try to save the planet,
Not with a butterfly or overview but harmony effect
Against our non-sensed progress and thrive for success
Instead of respect happiness and forgiveness?
Live better with less, share is the best, you do great yes but what about the rest?
Could a “I love you” become the new world overview with all of you,
In the art of living together to change the world forever ?

The great architect told us to not only trust our intellect
What do we expect if we forget the word human respect?
Holy quest, what if we hadn’t discovered our human essence yet
As souls of conscience in the flesh,
Let’s just say yes to changing our human kindness to its best!
Resurgence, tolerance, abundance, interdependence in a worldwide dance.

Life is of the essence, not time, life, so let’s embrace our destiny
In the unity of humanity as an opportunity
To build a world of harmony as one entity.
And rewrite our story to end the cycles of History
And change the world for good in this reality.

In the end, we don’t have the power, no, we ARE the power !
So don’t listen to somebody telling you “follow me”,
The new mantra is “follow We !”
We the people, in our common future we trust,
We the people, it’s that human nature in us,
We the people, we are now mature enough,
We the people, forever let the love be first,
We the people, together we are the strongest,
We the people, take that family picture of all of us,
We the people, no system nor trend cannot be reversed,
We the people, in each I of U we see a little bit of US,
Because we the people ARE the universe in a single unique verse.

Add a 0 to GOD to make it GOOD for our Humankindness.
Today, yes, we can build smarter cities, but when will we learn
That the Earth is our wisest universe city under the sun?

Having the consciousness to change, evolve and finally be kind,
This may very well be the miracle of life and the beauty of mankind.
We the people, all created equal, nobody is evil so imagine the riddle,
“A dream you dream alone is only a dream, a dream we dream together is reality”,
Said a wise man once from the Beatles in a song destined to us all… Imagine…

Imagine we have a dream, imagine we are a team
Imagine we all say oui, imagine we can all be
Imagine we might just win, imagine this can be real.
Imagine we build a world of harmony as one human family.

As Gandhi said “Let’s be the change we want to see in this world”
We’re all weapons of mass construction to build a more sustainable society
On this soil with our souls.

Here is a recipe for a life in harmony from a Chef… Poetic Officer
To rest in peace of mind in this life of light :
1) Breath deep
2) Feel free
3) Dream big
4) Live real
5) Kill fears and heal tears
6) Build teams and cheer peers
7) Spread your wings
8) Give good deeds
9) Believe and reveal
10) Begin and relieve
Best wishes for a sweet meal…

I’ll leave you with what I believe are the 2 most essential questions of our time
In an equation often left behind to fly high in the skies :
“Me + the world = what is my life mission?”
Us + The Future = What is our horizon ? “
Find the answer to your own contribution and that’ll be already half of the solution.
It doesn’t matter whether you’re the best in the world,
What matters is if you’re the best FOR the world !

In our heart, we’re all extraordinary people, wonderful souls,
Beautiful potentials, spiritual individuals and inspirational symbols!
So reach for the stars, your star, who you truly are
And just be great-ly useful and be gently grateful,
Actually you know what, don’t be careful, be wonderful!

Connect your dots and find your inner G Spot, your Genius spot,
Your talent, your purpose, your essence, your soul
And your gift for the world ! That’s your Moonshot !
Your “word for the world”, chose one and live your life with that word,
Defend it make it your life mission on the horizon.
When you change the world, it’s a chance for all
And when we change the world, it’s chance for love…

“Make our planet great again”
Or make mankind beautiful together now more than ever!
Harmony, a poetic Horizon for Humanity,
At last keep co-creating the future with no ceiling,
And rewrite our own positive narrative
The future is our next exit so make it epic and poetic.
And now let the new story of mankindness begin…
From a state of agony to a greater harmony.

PS : And this may be the return of Pangea,
Pangea, the original supercontinent full of worldwide citizens
Living peacefully in a spiritual zen parliament
As the Gala of Mankind with Gaia, for a Global pact of social impact,
To bridge the gaps, in a new roadmap, a story of karma, called a “Sustainable Nirvana
As our future inspiring human postcard In the heart of a new Era.

I’ll finish by a new pledge for the world, a pledge of tolerance:
We pledge allegiance to the Pact of the United Citizens of the World
And to the Republics of Harmony for which it stands, one Humanity under Good,
With invincible principles of peace, liberty, dignity, happiness and justice for all”

If not beauty, poetry will save the world
And “maybe one day WE’ll live as ONE”.
Imagine, all of the life…

Author : Vincent Avanzi
Chief Poetic Officer – Inspirational Speaker – The Ink Of The Future

(Thank you Satish for your inspiration)


ResurgenceA Human Odyssey

Discover Satish Kumar’s talk in Paris at Le Grand Rex
in front of 3 000 changemakers for the release of his new book « Soil, Soul Society » »

Merci à Olivier Maurel, Marc De La Ménardière et tous les organisateurs
pour cette belle rencontre avec Satish Kumar et ce moment majestueux dans les cieux.

Link to the Poem : Gaia in Harmony with Satish


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