{Schumacher College in France} Poetry « GAIA IN HARMONY » with Satish Kumar

The Schumacher College  cofounded by Satish Kumar has developed a « transformational teaching for sustainability living » nature-based education around ecology and sustainability.  More than 50 beautiful changemakers were united by the Schumacher College – French Connection during in January 2018 for a three day course near Paris in the Castle of Millemont in the presence of Satish Kumar. Thank you to Olivier Maurel (Co-Gitonsand Marc de la Menardière (En Quête de Sens) for making it possible ! Here is a poetry performed by Vincent Avanzi during the Sun Day.


A Heaven Revolution as our next Human Evolution

If silence is death, permission to speak
7 deep breaths, no intention to teach,
Letters of trust and directions to reach
Heaven on Earth is our reason to live

Paradise is the life we’re after
Humanity is the major actor
Happiness is the vital partner
Harmony is the final chapter

What’s left for us in the future
If we can’t do what’s right in the present?

Give a kid a ball and he will play,
Give a kid a book and he will learn,
Give a kid a hug and he will love,
Give a kid a gun and he will sh…

So why don’t we all put down our AK47
If we’re all OK for this heaven?
The following poetry is not about word play,
It’s about letting the love shine and the world play.

“Hello Houston, Humans we have a problem” in our system,
Because we’re all brothers and all sisters
And we have the power to change the future
And write a poem in all our cultures.

Instead of everyone trying to be N°1,
Why don’t we just try to be ONE, together without numbers for once ?
One humanity, one world, one harmony , one love, one family, one soul

It’s not the winner takes all, it’s the winner shares all.
Change the world for good not for goods.
We all have a voice and we all have a choice:
So we can be part of the solution or we can be part of the pollution.
To be or not to be, to be a part of or apart of,
That is the question for our generation.

Let’s become that new “Harmony Generation “
For a heaven revolution as our next human evolution,
The generation that said Yes to life Yes to the future
Yes to our planet Yes to common good and Yes to our human kindness !

For instance, instead of throwing dollar bills to strippers
Why don’t we start showing heaven dreams to children?

We were supposed to care about the outcome of humanity, not its income…
This is our “Universal Destiny X”, not a sitcom, from capitalism to humanism
Maybe one day a kingdom will come, but only in the midst of freedom and wisdom.

Do we want to create a better society for the few or a better society for the future
In harmony with nature as we have now matured?
I don’t really know if big or small is beautiful,
But together and forever are wonderful.

So plant a seed of love In the soil to heal the world,
From Gaia and the Earthlings, to karma with the living.
Our human nature is just the connection between humans and nature.
Let’s rewrite the future together
We are nature, we are the culture and we are the future !

Life is of the essence, it’s time to embrace our destiny
And the unity of humanity as an opportunity
To build a world of harmony as one entity.
The next time somebody tells you « follow me », answer « No, follow We »!

I want to finish by quoting the late great poet Bob Marley.
Had he lived in our time today, I think he would have said,
“No Humans, no cry”, no humans don’t cry, Everything’s going to be all right.
Get up stand up for your rights and never give up the fight !

Nothing is more important than life,
So isn’t a worldwide love life worthwhile
To feel the “global warming” of the hearts?

If not beauty, poetry will save the world
And “maybe one day WE’ll live as ONE”. All of the life…

Author : Vincent Avanzi
Chief Poetic Officer – Inspirational Speaker 
A Human Odyssey – The Ink Of The Future


These verses are extracted from a song World of Harmony
and the TEDx Harmony a Poetic Future for Mankind

About the author : To discover or book poetic speeches to open or close your events, corporate poetry conferences on the power of words and dreams to imagine and write the future, leadership of the future trainings or the art of inspiring speech sessions, contact Vincent Avanzi at or go to the website


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