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SB Madrid 18 : Poetic Speech « Universal Harmony, a Poetic Horizon for Humanity »

Sustainable Brands Madrid 2018 : Poetic Speech
« Universal Harmony, a poetic horizon for Humanity »


On Oct 8-9 2018, the Sustainable Brands edition took place in Madrid under the banner « brands and people serving Humanity« . It was composed of beautiful talks, amongst some on buddhism ( Venerable Dr.Phra Shakyavongsvisuddhi & Sirikul Laukaikul) , anthropology, wisdom, business (Nike, IMF, etc), poetry, goodvertising (Thomas Kolster) and sustainability (Patagonia, etc.) . Check out the SB Madrid program available here. The event was organized by the beautiful team of Quiero (Muchas gracias Sandra, José y todo el equipo para un evento maravilloso !) . Please find below the poetic speech from Vincent Avanzi, Chief Poetic Officer.

Intro personal story : Fairy tale of Fair Trade on « the value of business »

I want to start by sharing a personal story,
Yesterday I had a conversation with someone on the value of business, the real value of business.
He said “how much ?” I said, what do you mean : « how much ? »
We’re done with the gold rush, now it’s about soul search as such if you ask us,
We don’t really care how many millions of euros u got in your purse.
What really matters is the billions of people you’re going to touch.
He lushed, wishing us good luck hesitating between trying to catch up or trying to save us

So I pursued “what’s the value of business?”
It can be your financial value but also your social environmental or human value.
I think the true value of your business lies in the virtue of your kindness.
It is defined by the good you do out of no interest for the benefit of the rest.
And it’s actually the blessings of a human being :
From an idea, an ideal and a dream
Onto making it real with a scheme, good deeds and a scene,
Not the spending of a human’s greed at the cost of the world on its knees.

I could feel he was still uncomfortable and about to have a crush
So I asked him: « at the end of the day, what is most essential for you? »
Then I witnessed a miracle, like a real fine intervention from the oracle :
He went into a short concert of silence
And I could see the stars gazing in his eyes and his aura starting to enlighten,
Like Gandhi marching for non-violence.

All of the sudden, he said…: « Love ! Love is the most essential. »
As if he wanted to say : “yes I want to embrace life, marry the world,
Dance through the way and be one with its music”
I said “all right, love, let’s build on that, make it your life paint brush. »
So how much? Much love, that’s how much, in the name of… the world.

Hello, my name is Vincent Avanzi, I’m a Chief Poetic Officer
And I’m telling you this story inspired by real life emotions
To rewrite our own story of mandkindness for our future
And replace Mount Rushmore and the statues of dead presidents
By Mount Much Love with the values of great citizens, like you.
And that’s why I would like us to pledge allegiance… together

“We pledge allegiance to the Pact of the United Citizens of the World
And to the Republic of Harmony for which it stands, one Humanity under Good,
With invincible principles of peace, liberty, justice and common good life for all”

Let me give you another example or metaphor
To illustrate the mistakes at stake for our human fate :
You know what Rosa Parks and children have in common ?
They follow their heart, their intuition, basically, they do what they want !
Against all odds, all gods, all laws,
No rewind, no repeat, just play and pause like the wizard of Oz!
You remember that amazing freedom feeling ? That’s our part of humanity.

Imagine if you give a kid a ball, he’s going to play, right ?
if you Give a kid a book and he’s going to learn,
If you Give a kid a hug and he’s going to love,
If you Give a kid a gun and he’s going to sh…

Let’s empower the new generation for a heaven revolution
As our next human evolution for the rebirth of a new conscious civilization.
We don’t want to go down into History, we want to go up into the Future,
What will be left for us in the future if we can’t do what’s right in the present?

Let’s give birth to our Human essence as a renaissance
With us being souls of conscience on the dancefloor of our interdependence.
“Overview effect” looking down on us and our precious blue planet!

2) Poetic Speech : The Return of Pangea « Sustainable Business Nirvana »

I would like to invite you on a journey into the heart of a new Era :
The return of Pangea, as the Gala of the GAFA, Mankind and Gaia
For a Global pact, of social impact, to bridge the gaps, in a new roadmap,
A story of karma, called a “Sustainable Business Nirvana
As our future inspiring human postcard.

Pangea, the magnificent original super continent where we all come from
Filled with worldwide citizens living peacefully on Earth as a spiritual zen parliament
Because inside may lie the unity of humanity, the metamorphosis of our cosmos in osmosis,
The harmony of our companies and the Universe in a single unique verse.

So let’s Redefine, Redesign & Deliver together The Common Good Life
And harmonize the corporate enterprise as a compromise with the horizon of a paradise.

I know all of you are already engaged in building bridges to better brands, thank you,
It’s now time to take a stand for a happy end or should I say a happy land
By the way, you know Adam Smith was wrong all along with the “invisible hand”,
The only hand that actually matters is giving a helping hand.

Dear corporate leaders, fellow humans and global citizens,
Now let’s go back to business and wisdom for a global happiness kingdom
Pangea the return, in this millennium, in a worldwide arena as our new stadium
The companies of the future they care about the outcome of humanity, not only its income.
Let’s change the word for good and not only for goods, unless they’re common.
Alchemists around the world who turn gold into platinum, everybody welcome !

I’m sure you heard of the 4Ps of business for a sustainable future : “Purpose Profit Planet People”
Today, I want to add a 5th P, P for Poetry to humanize and harmonize the world
And bring souls into corporations for a deeper cooperation
To rewrite our future together In a common bill of actions.

I got one question for you: Who wants to be N°1? Who?
Why don’t we just try to be ONE, together without numbers for once,
Each is our own uniqueness but united.
One humanity, one world, one harmony, one love, one family, one soul.

It’s not the winner takes all, it’s the winner shares all.
We all have a voice and we all have a choice,
We can be part of the solution or part of the pollution.
So do we want to create a better society for the few
Or for the future In harmony with nature as mankind may have now matured?
The future will be magic or tragic depending on how we act in it,
How about we build a world of harmony to make it a little more bit more poetic ?

2020 the year of “plenty plenty” if we resist we exist.
2050 the year of “empty empty”, if we insist we exit.
The only progress that matters is the size of the forest on the planet,
Not the survival of the fittest, but the survival of the forest!
Run forest run, run forest run, spread your trees under the sun…

Poetree of life, poetree of life, poetree of life
Isn’t a worldwide love life worthwhile to feel the “global warming” of the hearts?

That’s why when I hear sometimes bullshit from some of the blue chip companies,
I really want us to change all this BS and switch it to SB, all this chaos into OK,
And turn impossible into I’m possible, we’re possible,
And a more sustainable equitable profitable society is possible !

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream, a dream we dream together is reality”,
Said a wise man once from the Beatles in a song destined to us all… Imagine…
Imagine instead of power points, we made purpose points,
Instead of business plans, we built happiness plans
Instead of maximizing our earnings, we started to harmonize the living.
Imagine a world where profit meets meaning for Net Positive,
Public Benefit and Corp social responsibility,
Inside a Ying Yang authentic and aligned Leader… Ship
To sail together high till the end of times.

As Gandhi said “Let’s be the change we want to see in this world”
We’re all weapons of mass construction to build a more sustainable society,
With our ideas and ideals to believe in our dreams and achieve all our schemes.
So when we’ll be marching at the 25th hour,
The truth is we don’t have the power, we ARE the power !

So here is a list of questions destined to the souls of all of our corporations:
What will be our Social Mission Statement, our Environmental commitment,
Our Human Potential Empowerment, our soul awareness enlightenment ?
Our contribution to our human evolution with good ethical working conditions ?
Our common good retribution, our purpose and horizon, our values and higher mission ?

At the 21st century crossroad, could the motto of our essential universal goals become
“Business + awareness of our souls = success + happiness for us all.”

If yes, let’s put harmony back in the mission of our companies
As an opportunity of unity for Humanity in our common destiny.
I don’t really know if big or small is beautiful,
But I truly believe that together and forever are wonderful !

That’s why profitable and sustainable is not a question, nor an invitation,
It’s an obligation for the future generations.
As we do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.

3) Harmony Generation : Find your Genius Spot and your Moonshot !

So please be that role business model, that pioneer of the good,
That one of a kind manufacturer and conscious leader
Dare to be YOU, the master and the student of your own ceremony
With a shot at your personal destiny as well as our collective RDV with History

And let’s become that universal “Harmony Generation “
The generation that said Yes to life Yes to the future Yes to our planet
Yes to common good and Yes to our human kindness !

Continue to cherish what’s vulnerable and unleash our human potential,
We’re all exceptional individuals, extraordinary people and inspirational symbols.
So make your brands admirable, your companies profitable, your values respectable,
Your trading equitable, your impact sustainable and our future… a miracle !

And you know what, don’t be careful, be wonderful.
Connect your dots and find your inner G Spot, your Genius spot,
Your talent, your purpose and your gift for the world ! That’s your Moonshot !

Because when you change the world, it’s a chance for all
And when you change the world, it’s chance for love…
On that blue note, wishing the best products services or life
That money can’t buy to someone Is my definition of a good bye!

To close this, I’ll leave you with the two most essential questions of our times :
“Me + the world = what is my life mission?”
Us + The Future = What is our horizon ? “
Find the answer to your own contribution and that’ll be already half of the solution !

So “Make our planet great again” or make mankind beautiful together now more than ever !
Harmony, a poetic Horizon for Humanity,
At last keep co-creating the future with no ceiling,
And rewrite our own positive inspiring narrative
Enchant your company as words always precede reality.
The future is our next exit so make it epic and poetic.
And now let the new true success story of mankind and capitalism begin

Thank “you” !

Author: Vincent Avanzi
Chief Poetic Officer The Ink Of The Future

Biography : Vincent Avanzi is a Chief Poetic Officer, Inspirational Speaker, world artist and founder of The Ink of The Future (La Plume Du Futur). Journalist for the french newspaper Les Echos, he is the author of 2 world tours, 3 TEDx and 5 books including “Harmony and The Genius Spot of Mankind”. Former business manager and changemaker with a life passion for poetry, he invented the concept of “Corporate Poetry” to bridge the gap between business and wisdom, poetry and prospective, leadership and harmony. He is now delivering inspiring key notes, poetic speeches and workshops on how to develop the human potential and design new horizons for our future, in public and corporate events across the world. He is also a consultant on “poetic brand identity” and helps organizations find sustainable slogans aligned with their purpose. More info on www.vincentavanzi.com

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