Women@Dior : Poetic Speech « My Destiny as a Star : The Future is in your hands »


Poetic Speech Women@Dior
“My Destiny as a Star : The future is in your hands”

Dear Lady Diors,

Somebody once told me that “The Devil wears Prada”
I don’t know if that’s true but in that suit case, maybe the icons wear Dior.
And that’s why we believe in your lucky charms and shooting stars
In a world guided by karma.

Are you ready, like Cinderella for your gala night and your rendez-vous with life
With all of the lights shining on your own body soul heart and mind?
Be an Icon, be a star, be yourself, who you truly are!
Reach for the stars, it’ the only war worth fighting for: who we are.

As Cocteau said of the magical genius,
Dior is the contraction between god and gold,
And the difference between both is the letter L,
As Life and Love, loving life and living love with all the above.

So be an artist like Dior in the core of your future job
To change the world with your soul in the name of love,
As gifted Misses Dior in your own wardrobes. A star is born,
With its own codes, roles, goals and whatever’s in your soul.

If all paths lead to Rome, then all destinies lead to Dior.
So open all doors, break all walls, reach all shores
The charm of all colors, columns and collars,
Your flow and talent zone in the dome of your home sweet home.

Impossible is nothing when it becomes “I’m possible”
As an exclamation of joy, an exaltation of love,
And “Dior j’Adore” in the Couture shows all across the globe.

Yes, a message in a love bottle is the essence of a role model
Beauty is subtle, add the pieces to the puzzle, let your eyes be dazzled.
Connect your dots and find your Genius spot,

Light your candle and write your own bible away from the cattle
To find the answer to the riddle,
“Me + the world = what is my life mission?”
So that you can fly high into your own horizons.

Introspection, elevation, imagination and contemplation,
Tradition and sophistication in all your collections,
Superstition in our 7 billion stars constellation as a human compilation.
The Dior creations have always been a poetic expression
And being natural and sincere is the best revolution.

So what is your fragrance, your elegance, your radiance, your tolerance ?
Your brilliance, your excellence, your significance and your extravagance?
The coherence between all art forms on the dancefloor of our interdependence,
Just believe in yourself in the name of chance and confidence!

And pursue your dreams, sky is not the limit, it’s just the beginning
Infinity rimes with destiny, so dream big and never abandon ‘till a happy ending !
Be the Master of your own ceremony to reach the harmony within,

C’est la vie, L’Amour est glamour,
And New look was created to make women look beautiful for good.

So dress up for your night, get up and unite,
A purpose in your life, an impact on your flight,
Colors of life and surprise, higher on the trail of desire,
Show us your real fire.

Christian Dior once said «Destiny came to me»
And destiny will come to you if you can grab it fully!

Like a fairy tale 30 Avenue Montaigne
Rose Bonheur flowers in your garden of Eden
A life of love poetry and champagne,
The future is in your hands ready for your new campaign,

Since 1947, thanks to Dior, mankind is a step closer to heaven
So Ave Maria Grazia, be different, you are simply not the same.

I’ll finish by quoting one last time Mr Dior
“Every woman is a princess and my dresses make a princess of every woman”
Couture is not a business, it’s a quest for love tenderness and happiness
And general interest is the definition of purpose and success.

So believe in your fate with your own sketches
Common sense and human goodness in your dresses,
Mannequins and seamstresses,
Enchant your uniqueness onto our oneness as our essence.

Elevate educate empower engage enlighten yourself
And one day, we will contemplate your destiny wedding dress
When the universe fits in a single unique verse with all your beautiful silhouettes.

In the end, when you change the world, it’s a chance for all,
And when you change the world, it’s a chance for love.

So don’t be careful, be wonderful,
You’re not the History in the making,
You’re the Future and amazing!
Start making it happen today to design our future!

Be a star, be a queen, land on the moon,
The world is yours and your clock ticks at noon.
Thank you and think you,
And stay tuned for a zoom at what your life could look like soon!

Author : Vincent Avanzi
Chief Poetic Officer – Inspirational Speaker – La Plume Du Futur

Thank you to Christian Dior Couture (Karin Raguin) for the invitation and to the 200 passionate women who participated and were gathered here from all over the world to search for their destiny ! This speech was the intro of a Poetic Conference including a look at how to find your Genius Spot and highest talent, the wonders of imagination, the role of art and the virtues of poetry and a poetic journey workshop to travel into their future and pursue their destiny from dreams to action. A beautiful session of creative writing and collective sharing of their works of art ! For booking or details, visit the website or send a mail to
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