TEDxASFI : HARMONY, The Paradise Journey (Vincent Avanzi – A Poetic Future for Mankind)

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HARMONY The Paradise Journey
(A Poetic Future for Mankind)

On April 22, we celebrated the Earth Day and the TEDxASFI in Morocco, a full day of international conferences with the theme « A Human Revolution« . The event was organized by the great Si Mohammed Jebbar and the wonderful BC Skills team in honor of the Sea Castle of the city of Asfi.

Discover below the video and the transcript of the poetic talk of Vincent Avanzi « Harmony, the paradise journey » designed as a poetic speech for the future. This TEDx is the international version of the 2 french TED talks : « L’Avenir de l’Humanité sera-t-il poétique? » (Cap sur l’Harmonie) and « Edendorado, un voyage en harmonie ».

Today is the Earth Day so it is TED : Time to Embrace our Destiny 
Believe in Mankindness for a World Wise Win Win


HARMONY The Paradise Journey
(A Poetic Future for Mankind)

I. From Number One to One

Paradise is the life we’re after
Humanity is the major actor
Happiness is the vital partner
Harmony is the final chapter

Give a kid a ball and he will play,
Give a kid a book and he will learn,
Give a kid a hug and he will love,
Give a kid a gun and he will sh…

So why don’t we all put down our AK47
If we’re all OK for this heaven?
The following poetry is not about word play,
It’s about letting the love shine and the world play.

“Hello Humans we have a problem” in our system,
Because we’re all brothers and all sisters
And we have the power to change the future
And write a poem in all our cultures.

I have a question for you: Who wants to be N°1?
Why don’t we just try to be ONE, without numbers for once.
One humanity, one world, one harmony , one love, one family, one soul

It’s not the winner takes all, it’s the winner shares all.
Change the world for good not for goods.
We all have a voice and we all have a choice:
So we can be part of the solution or we can be part of the pollution.

For instance, instead of throwing dollar bills to strippers
Why don’t we start showing heaven dreams to children?

Aim at our personal uniqueness and collective oneness in the mix of awareness
Finding our path without doing the math,
Finding our G Spot, Genius spot by connecting our dots
We were supposed to care about the outcome of humanity, not its income…
This is our “Universal Destiny X”, not a sitcom, from capitalism to humanism
Maybe one day a kingdom will come, but only in the midst of freedom and wisdom.

Today is the Earth Day, our day, so I believe it’s TED It’s Time to Embrace our Destiny,
Rewrite the future in harmony with nature, as Mankind may have finally matured.

Carte rentrée 73

II. A World of Harmony, the universal dream

I’m a modern day poet, a Chief Poetic Officer, founder of A Human Odyssey
And I gave myself that mission of life to repoetize our society to reflect on our common humanity.
I want to tell you a story about my favorite word of all time: it’s the word “harmony”.

Harmony, within us, with others, nature, organizations, religions, galaxies,
It’s the unity in Humanity and its biodiversity, the middle way, the win win,
The Ying Yang against King Kong, the balance of all worlds,
The right and the wrong, the old and the young, the compromise for paradise on a life song.

It’s for me the most essential word for Humanity and it’s also our universal dream (“a world of harmony”).
I discovered that word 10 years ago during my first world tour and throughout the 65 countries I’ve been in,
I always got that same answer to the question: what is your ideal world for tomorrow ?
“A world of harmony”.

So I came back with this: “Harmony, The paradise journey, of Humanity for a Heaven on Earth”.
I want to share it with you today.

Life is of the essence,
So will we succeed in building a beautiful and peaceful world of harmony for all living species? “
Will we be able to unite our forces and above all,
Feel the love and find the Genius Spot of the world for Mankind to evolve?
Bottom essential rime: “Will the future of mankind be poetic” in our lifetime?

Poverty is not the root of all evil, property is because we were all born equal.
And democracy is just a government of the people by the people for the people.
So “imagine”… a poetic future aligned in the middle as a dream destined to us all written by the Beatles.

Honestly, isn’t it poetically correct to try to save the planet,
Not with a butterfly or overview but harmony effect
Against our non-sensed progress and thrive for success
Instead of respect happiness and forgiveness?
Live better with less, share is the best, you do great yes but what about the rest?
Could a “I love you” become the new world overview with all of you,
In the art of living together to change the world forever ?

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III. We The People and A Humanity Council

Yes, We the people, in our common future we trust,
We the people, it’s that human nature in us,
We the people, we are now mature enough,
We the people, forever let the love be first,

We the people, together we are the strongest,
We the people, take that family picture of all of us,
We the people, no system nor trend cannot be reversed,
We the people, in each I of U we see a little bit of US,
Because We the people ARE the universe in a single unique verse.

So one proposal I want to put on the table is
Why not build on the side of the Security Council at the United Nations
A “Humanity Council” to truly Unite all of the Nations towards a common future?
Represented by the wise men women and children of all beliefs and cultures,
To design new horizons and set a new more human pacific direction for us all.

The post capitalism era we’re entering in
Is not History in the making, it’s the Future in the making
We’re on the same boat, the “Human Relation” ship
And while the Titanic is sinking, the Harmony is rising,
Designed as a symbolic Start-up of the Future in the mix of all of our cultures
To structure a more sustainable society of well-being together

Because as we are connected for the first time, why not set “a world of harmony” as a common horizon,
And a global project for our future cosigned by 7 billion human beings and build it together?
With each person just doing their fair “hummingbird share” with their talents in the air like we actually do care!

No more inhumane violence, we’ve done hate,
No more insane finance, we donate, cooperate and share.

Truth be told, because the world was never to be sold,
Rush for gold, only sell your products not your soul
We’re all superheroes by the great talents that we hold.
The things we own or the links we share, what’s having it all?

Carte rentrée 60

IV. Add a O to GOD to make it GOOD for HumanKindness

We’re all magical people, and we can all be great-ly useful to build our future together.
So let’s pledge allegiance to a world project to empower the people of this planet
The maturity of humanity is not to be “politically correct” but “humanly correct”.
So let’s give birth to our Human essence as a renaissance with us being souls of conscience.
Add a 0 to GOD to make it GOOD for Humankindness.
Peace Love and Happiness, live joy and forgiveness.

So Yes, it is TED Time to Embrace our Destiny !
In the humility of humanity lies the opportunity of our unity
As one entity to build a world of harmony in this century,
Rewrite our story and end the cycles of History
And change the world for GOOD as a new reality.
One love, one planet, one life, one project,
Please don’t give up on mankind just yet.

Let’s become that new “Harmony Generation “
For a heaven revolution as our next human evolution,
The generation that said Yes to life Yes to the future Yes to our planet
Yes to common good and Yes to our human kindness !

V. Harmony Generation and Pledge of Tolerance

Finally I’d like to propose a toast and together to take an oath
With a new pledge of tolerance to pursue our collective harmony growth :
“We pledge allegiance to the Pact of the United Citizens of the World
And to the Republics of Harmony for which it stands, one Humanity under Good,
With invincible principles of peace, liberty, happiness and justice for all”

This is our call for a Bill of Life back in the wheels of time,
Read the signs, and all of the dreams that we have,
This is our night, to remember that we are all shining stars!

Paradise is the life we’re after
Humanity is the major actor
Happiness is the vital partner
Harmony is the final chapter

I’ll finish by quoting the late great poet Bob Marley.
Had he lived in our time today, I think he would have said,
“No Humans, no cry”, no humans don’t cry, Everything’s gonna be all right.
Get up stand up for your rights and never give up the fight !
Nothing is more important than life,
So isn’t a worldwide love life worthwhile to feel the “global warming” of the hearts?

Carte rentrée 59

VI. World Wise Win Win

And as for love flags, sportscars and a roof top world overview,
I’ll end this with a post card, a roadmap and a BM4W:
To Believe in MankindNess for a World Wise Win Win
So if you feel the vybe, put your Ws in the hand in the air and wave them like you actually do care.
A WWWW, one that satisfies each and every human being and makes them believe in their heaven dreams for real!
Peace Love and Happiness. This was « Harmony The Paradise Journey »,
A world project for our planet in the dream words of a poet…

Thank you. If not beauty, poetry will save the world
And “maybe one day WE’ll live as ONE”. All of the life…

Author : Vincent Avanzi
Chief Poetic Officer, Globe Trotter, Modern Day Poet
A Human Odyssey – The Ink of The Future

profilAbout the Author : Vincent Avanzi is a modern-day poet, a TEDx international speaker and Chief Poetic Officer, founder of A Human Odyssey – The Ink of the Future. Two time globe-trotter, he traveled to more than 65 countries and one of his world tours was entitled 12 Steps to change yourself in order to change the world”.
With a life passion for poetry and a life mission to poetize our society, he now gives conferences to companies and entrepreneurs throughout the world on “corporate poetry” to unleash the human potential, develop happiness at work and reveal collective intelligence. Author of 3 TEDx et 4 books, including « Harmony & the Genius Spot of Mankind » he facilitates keynotes and round-tables with inspiring poetic speeches as a Poetic Master of Ceremony. Co-founder of the first Corporate Happiness University in France and artist in residence at the Institute for Desirable Futures, he writes articles for the newspaper Les Echos. He concluded the previous Open Government Partnership forum in France with more than 80 countries with a poetic speech called “Harmony 2020”.
Discover more POETIC SPEECHES here.

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