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POETIC LEADERS – Poetry will save the world and we’re all poets (Book release)

Discover Vincent Avanzi’s 10th book entitled « POETIC LEADERS – Poetry will save the world and we’re all poets« . An ode to us all humans as poets, and even in the end, poetic leaders. The book is designed as a collection of 20 poetic speeches given across the world by the author, Chief Poetic Officer, founder of The Ink Of The Future.

Forewords by Satish Kumar (founder of the Schumacher College).

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Poetry will save the world and we’re all poets, all poetic leaders, all human beings with a great natural power to enchant life, the world, nature, the future, our soul for us all. All you need to do is to find your light and then enlighten the world with it. Welcome to a poetic journey into your soul purpose, your cause, your singularity and your human leadership in this present life to cowrite the future together. This book is a collection of various poetic speeches by Chief Poetic Officer Vincent Avanzi delivered on different stages across the world, whether corporations, governments, associations, conventions etc. (TEDx, OGP, Sustainable Brands, Christian Dior, Earth Day, Cop21, Plant for the planet, Resurgence Festival…)

The time of poets is coming and as Jonas Mekas would put it: « civilizations perish because they listen to their politicians and not their poets ». Poets have a duty to enchant the world in order to reconcile us with our true self and our capacity to be in awe, of the world, the miracle of life, the fragility of our planet, the unity of our humanity, our future with nature and above all our destiny of harmony. Let’s make the next decade one of sobriety and sustainability. We are all poets and all leaders, all poetic leaders.

The 20 Poetic Speeches Collection : H.O.M.E. (Humanity On Mission Earth) – Earth Day, We Are The Re-Generation, L.I.F.E. (Love Is For Ever) – Poetic Duet @ SB San Diego, Ocean’s 30 The Rise of Atlantis (PLAN SEA) – SB Oceans Porto, The Return of Pangea, the Gala of GAFA and GAIA -SB Istanbul, Harmony 2020, A World Wise Win Win – OGP16, My Destiny as a Star, the future is in your hands – Women@Dior, A Poetic Peace Treety – Plant for the Planet, Harmony, The Paradise Journey (A Poetic Future for Mankind) – TEDx, The Universe in a Unique Verse (the Overview song), No Planet B -COP21,  Masters Of Your Own Ceremony (corporate poetry), HR (Happiness Revenue), Change the world by changing the words -Sustainable Brands 2017, The Blessings of Human Kindness – Resurgence Festival,  5E to Elevate the world (The 5 poetic journeys) – Sustainable Brands Paris, RegenAbility, the Blueprint for a World Post Covid19 (Op-Ed), End the Pandemic Start the Poetic (CoBuild20 Poem), For A Better Normall (Press conference release), Imagine 2 – The Regen Narrative (a poetic manifesto).

On the picture : Satish Kumar

An infinite thank you to all the wonderful people and organizations who gave a chance to poetry, especially Satish Kumar (#SchumacherCollege), KoAnn Vikoren Skrzyniarz (Sustainable Brands) and the entire superb staff, Virginie Helias (Chief Sustainability Officer – Procter&Gamble), Thomas Kolster (#Goodvertising), Guillaume Richard de Vesvrotte (#WeDontNeedRoads), Bruno Vinay and Aurélia Cocheteux (SB Paris), Cansu DuranCeren Demirbag, Cemra Sevinç and Burcu Yilmaz (SB Turkey), Cecile Delettre (#BusinessFrance #IntFem), Hugo De Almeida (SB Porto), Sandra Pina (SB Madrid), Karin Raguin (Christian Dior), Si Mohammed Jebbar (#TEDxSafi), Olivier MaurelJean-Pierre Goux (#OneHome)… to name a few marvelous souls. One love, one life, one world, one light. 🙏

All the poetic speeches and more poetic journeys are available on the Human Odyssey Youtube channel and here on the Human Odyssey blog, in video and audio formats, to complete your poetic experience.

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About the author : Vincent Avanzi is a Chief Poetic Officer, inspirational speaker, executive pen, leadership coach and founder of The Ink Of The Future. Author of 10 books, he travels the world on different stages and conventions to deliver poetic speeches to inspire, elevate and enchant the world with poetry. Two time globe trotter, passionate for poetry and former Microsoft manager, he developed the concept of corporate poetry to bridge the gap between business and wisdom for a more harmonious and sustainable future. For contact or booking, email to contact @ odysseehumaine.com.

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