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Sustainable Brands San Diego – Poetic Duet « The Re-Generation of L.I.F.E. » (Love Is For Ever)

Sustainable Brands San Diego

Opening Poetic Duet

Sustainable Brands San Diego took place Oct 17-19 2022 gathering more than 1 000 regenerative brands and leaders to help generate a transformative change towards a more sustainable desirable equitable world.

The opening ceremony was introduced by a duet poetic speech with Virginie Helias, Chief Sustainability Officer at Procter&Gamble, one of the most prominent world sustainability leaders with a lifetime avant-gardiste commitment to sustainability, and Vincent Avanzi, Chief Poetic Officer, corporate poet, leadership coach and international inspirational sustainability speaker.

The title : « The Re-Generation of Life ». Discover it below or on the knowledge library of SB. Thanks to the incredible SB organisation for hosting year after year such wonderful and inspiring events in a beautiful community mode, thanks to KoAnn Vikoren Skrzyniarz the founder and the entire staff !

The Re-Generation of

L.I.F.E. (Love Is For Ever)

1) An Exec & a Poet (Good + Growth = Great)

Good evening, dear citizens of the world, mission seekers and enlightened leaders,

Her name is Virginie, his name is Vincent,
She’s an exec, he’s a poet,
She’s a doer, he’s a dreamer,
She’s a servant leader, he’s a storyteller,
She focuses on Growth and he is driven by Good.

We know one can’t go without the other
Because “Good + Growth = Great” when we add them together.
Combined, we believe we’re an allegory of the balance we need
to elevate our positive impact to new heights,
New flights, new light, new life, new right, new sights
Two opposites that unite and intertwine inside all of us, to be One.. of humankind.

It’s true, how could our future be sustainable and desirable
If both of our ambitions are irreconcilable?
In our collective intelligence and universal conscience
Lies the potential of a societal miracle
To care about the outcome of Humanity and not only its income,

So please come, and join us in this new narrative, the “Regen’Narrative”,
Imperative, innovative, Inclusive, collaborative, and not solely competitive,
Focusing on our indivisible connection and not our perceived separation.
It’s the universe in a unique verse, the unity inside Humanity
The metamorphosis of our cosmos in osmosis as our one and only true oasis.

Sustainability is our common responsibility
And our Earthshot for a lasting prosperity,
In the name of our own vulnerability.
Let’s make this decade one of Sobriety.

Sobriety, this moderate style of living,
with harmony, biodiversity and circularity as a new model of society,
A mix of scientific and poetic ecology.
This is our invitation for our home. H O M E, our Humanity on Mission Earth, HOME,
As life is a miracle… but Blue marble is in trouble….

2) Meditate on the state of our planet

Chh but first, let’s meditate on the state of our delicate planet
To acknowledge and elevate, towards our common fate.
So please, close your eyes, relax and take a few deep breaths

Are you hearing this voice: “I am my ancestors wildest dreams”?
Now let us embody the wildest dreams of OUR future children as well.
Global warming was just a warning,
If we’re the first generation, to see the effect of climate change,
We’re probably the last one that are given a final chance, to act.
Open your eyes and rise, now for a future, that reconnects with nature.
Everybody, let’s all rise, US…. not the temperature, but us as sincere leaders.
And take a big step, on a Reset, with our “oh so diverse” skill sets.

3) Call out of enlightened leaders

Post-capitalism in its core mechanism
Should serve and protect all living organisms
as its highest form of humanism.
So are you ready to be an impactful Chief Sustainability Officer,
To be a decisive CEO, a Chief Enlightening Officer
And recenter and accelerate, realign and elevate, really shift and celebrate?

Take your seat aboard the “enlightened leader space ship”
To reach our uplifting human destiny. ’Last call” Ready for take off 5 4 3 2 1 0
What will be your one contribution, to design an enchanted horizon?
Don’t just compensate carbon emission, raise the bar towards true regeneration
To secure your return, on investing in what is protecting the living and not just “making” a living!

And raise your hand if:
If you have a true desire to do good and have a clear plan of action that includes net zero emissions?
If your innovations aim at waste reduction, eliminating plastic pollution and fighting bio mass extinction?
If your value creation is aligned on water restoration and reforestation?

Let’s be the re-generation of our human revolution, solutions beyond intentions.
And may this be our collective legend, our call of heroes, our corporate dedication and spiritual life mission.
Collaboration over competition, Mutual aid as a nature principle for a thriving society.
“People Planet Profit Purpose and Poetry“ as the 5P matrix of Sustainable Prosperity.

4) Chose LIFE (Our Future With Nature)

In the end, if we are great at driving growth, we will be great at doing good!
It’s all about balance… of every thing and body, of wins and losses
So search for the Ws, for the win-wins with all of us, dream teams… chin chin!
And also search for the Ls for once, yes take the L, the L of Life, Love and Light.

In anything you do, please, always chose “life over profit”, life over profit.
We are born to be alive and reborn to be aligned
After the WHY, it’s the RE-WILD. After the buy, it’s the real life.

You know what the letters LIFE stands for for us ? “Love Is For Ever”
So let’s take care of each other, like we do for the planet all together,
And may this mantra of “Balance & Elevation” BE our uniting foundation for a sustainable destination.
Let’s make the future our greatest human adventure ever, in harmony with nature.
When we say “our future”, we want you to yell “with nature”: Our Future – With Nature.

Thank you. We are all magnificent… but also very interdependent,
Let’s all be resilient and not arrogant to cocreate a new abundant Renaissance!
Epic, the future will be magic or tragic depending on how we act in it to save it.
And we’ll be successful only if our planet remains livable and peaceful.
Let’s all be grateful and careful, Mankind is wonderful.

We’re just all together…. the RE Generation… of LIFE
Thank you for having us it was a blessing.
And always remember, Love Is For Ever.

Orchestration & Interpretation : Virginie Helias & Vincent Avanzi

Author : Vincent Avanzi
Chief Poetic Officer – The Ink of The Future

@ All rights reserved

Vincent Avanzi is a Chief Poetic Officer, author, speaker, storyteller, leadership coach and speech writer. Former Microsoft manager and twice a globe-trotter, he founded The Ink Of The Future to reenchant the world with poetry and developed the concept of “corporate poetry” to bring out to the soul of corporations and enhance the global awareness on sustainability and the future of Humanity. Author of 10 books including “Harmony and the Genius Spot of the world” (Human Odyssey) and “Trouver son point Génial” (Hachette), he is a journalist at the business newspaper Les Echos and was dubbed an “enlightened leader” by Décideurs Magazine. Recurrent speaker at Sustainable Brands, he is also a consultant on brand identity and accompanies leaders and organizations on their positive impact journey, their storytelling and the art of writing inspiring speeches. He also delivers poetic speeches to enlighten international conventions and gives conferences and workshops on the power of words to enchant the world. His motto : “Poetry will save the world and we’re all poets”. For any booking, or speech, send a email to : contact @ odysseehumaine.com

Virginie Helias is the Chief Sustainability Officer for The Procter & Gamble Company : With over 30 years of experience at Procter & Gamble in Brand Management and Innovation, Virginie has a broad experience across multiple categories and global to local brand management expertise across several of P&G multi-billion dollar brands (Pantene, Ariel/Tide, Pampers). Beyond her brand and innovation expertise, she is also recognized for her visioning, change management and leadership development skills. She is a certified coach.  In July 2016, she was promoted to Vice President of Global Sustainability, in recognition of the work she has led to make sustainability a core business strategy, an innovation driver and a catalyst for a more resilient organization. She is the architect of the “Ambition 2030” goals, an industry-leading roadmap that is transforming how P&G is integrating sustainability across its supply chain, innovation and brand building. Virginie has received the 2018 Women Leading Award from the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and was selected as one of the 25 women shaking up the Climate movement in 2020. Virginie is a non-executive Director of Verallia, an SBF120 stock listed company and a member of several Advisory Boards: SB® (Sustainable Brands), Sustainable Management School (SUMAS), Appareal (sustainable fashion start-up). 

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