Enchanting 2021 – A Call for Spiritual Awakening (Las Pyramides Del Ka)


To end 2020 and welcome 2021 with good energy and some elevating spiritual conversation, watch the replay of the conversation between Chaty, the guardian of the spiritual university Las Pirámides Meditation CenterVincent Avanzi, Chief Poetic Officer founder of A Human Odyssey and Marc De La Ménardière of the initiary movie En Quête de Sens – le Film ! How can we reenchant 2021 and each be pillars of light for the planet ?

2020 was a complicated year. It could have been the beginning of a new decade to regenerate our harmony with the living and enter a lasting cycle of positive human and world transformation. But the pandemic hit us and shifted our hopes and our roads to maybe subtly reconnect us to the essentials of life and light up our souls for Humanity.

As we’re about to turn the page of the chapter 2020 to enter 2021, we thought we needed a spiritual moment to reflect on what we lived and what was happening in the world right now in order to enter in this new chapter with joy, faith and positive energy. What is the deep meaning of what is happening, what awaits us, what is our purpose on Earth, what can other paths of connection teach us, what do our dreams and visions reveal to us, how can we contribute to enchanting 2021… ?

We are delighted to invite you to a special conversation with Chati, the spiritual guardian of Las Pyramides del Ka, a Meditation Center in Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. As a spiritual University, the center teaches students from all around the world a variety of disciplines such as metaphysics, meditation, yoga and silent diet retreats in different one month or 3 month courses. She will be joined by Vincent Avanzi (globe-trotter, author and Chief Poetic Officer reenchanting the world with poetry) and Marc De La Ménardière (moviemaker “A Quest for Meaning” and founder of the eco residence “La Kambrousse”), both former students of Las Pyramides about a decade ago who went on to find their respective paths of life. This is a call of spiritual awakening and becoming “pillars of lights for the planet” as a way to celebrate the beginning of a new year and era. Listen to your heart, find your light and make your life in this world a work of art.


Watch the video of an interview with Chati and song « World of Harmony » by Vincent

Video of the 2013 World Tour of Vincent at the Pyramides del Ka with the song « World of Harmony » and an interview with Chaty and Luly at the center. Watch the full World Tour « Human Odyssey : 12 human steps to change your self and change the world »

“Physically on fire, emotionaly  balanced, mentally focused, spiritually enlightened” (song World of Harmony)

Chati with Marc in 2008 and with Vincent in 2013 at the Center in Guatemala

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