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OCEAN’S30 – The Rise of Atlantis (Plan SEA) – Poetic Speech Closing Ceremony #SBOceans Porto 19

SB Oceans

Sustainable Brands Oceans took place in Porto, Portugal from November 14-16 2019. Please discover the closing ceremony in the shape of poetic collective immersive and sensorial experience entitled « OCEAN’S 30 – The Rise of Atlantis« , hosted by Vincent Avanzi, Chief Poetic Officer, powered by Laserman & Neuroscaping, and starring you and the audience.  Here is a transcript of the poetic speech which was followed by an invitation of the audience to write and share their « one commitment for a future of the ocean in abundance ». The video is in preparation. Thanks again Hugo de Almeida for a wonderful event !

O.C.E.A.N.’S. 30: The Rise of Atlantis
(We are the Plan Sea)

There once was a time, when oceans lived peacefully in harmony
But that was before mankind arrived in this journey…

Listen… Mother Nature is begging for mature creatures
To build a modern future with an honest culture
So can you feel the « call of the wise »
When business leaders are aligned with shaman preachers?
Be the student and the teacher,
We as humans decide the fate that we nurture.
A World Wise Win Win with every life signature,
Oceans are vital for our survival and we can all still be the saviors.

Dear corporate leaders and citizens of the world,
After Ocean’s 11 Ocean’s 12 and Ocean’s 13,
Let’s give life to a real life movie entitled « OCEAN’S 30 » as in 2030.
No Brad Pit, no George Clooney, no Julia Roberts,
Just our gifts, our higher purpose and our common efforts.

Do you remember the movie Minority Report with Tom Cruise?
Well, this is our Humanity Report with our crew.
The world is not a 5 star resort, it’s a 8 billion stars dream team coming true
Get ready for the rebellion of the billions versus the extinction of the millions,

In 2030 the sea levels will have rose by 25 meters
That’s way too much water
Don’t follow the liters in the bottles, follow the leaders in a circle
Otherwise we’ll end up like Waterworld with water wars and blacker shores.

May we mix capitalism with a little bit of humanism
And may 2030 be the rebirth of our nature story on this Earth
In a happy ending of this movie starring Mankind,
Imagine, 8 billion people, “all cocreating equal”
« A dream you dream alone is only a dream, a dream we dream together is reality »
Said a wise man once from the Beatles in a song destined to us all.
Imagine, what could your role be as model ?

Do you know what the letters O.C.E.A.N.S. stand for ?
The Odyssey of our Cosmos for Enlightenment and Awareness
on Nature’s Souls Seas Soils Species and Societies.

Plants have replaced plants
Plastic ocean has tarnished its magic potion
Sealife is polluted and the algae have all muted.
Humans are not birds flying high in the skies,
We’ve become burdens lying in our own demise
In front of our own eyes and our own lies,
When we were just born to be alive
What we need now is to be reborn to be aligned.

Welcome everybody to the ship of our common future: The Enlightened Leader Ship
To “Be a bird not a burden”.

Since we messed up Plan A and we don’t have a Planet B,
Let’s invent a Plan SEA to clean the oceans
Together by any dreams and any means necessary.

Sustainability is our common responsibility
In the opportunity of unity lies the possibility
To realize our destiny and leave a positive legacy,
As our part of eternity for prosperity and sobriety in a new model of society,
A regenerative economy to restore the ocean wild life and biodiversity
And rewrite our humanity story in a symphony of Harmony with all living species.

Yesterday you heard the inner voice of your conscience,
Navigating between a life of abundance,
A world of Interdependence and the ego of our incoherence,
What is your purpose your impact your essence?
The meaning of our existence, are you ready to make a difference?

Sometimes when I’m thinking.. I feel like the world is like the Titanic sinking,
And as we go down, if we just stopped and breathed deeply shhhhh
To contemplate the ecstatic beauty surrounding
And let ourselves be awakening in clarity and serenity,
In this deep blue water which is the color of harmony,
We might discover the lost world of Atlantis, hidden inside us and the abyss
Instead of this pre apocalypse and global climate crisis.

May we be a generation of engaged human beings not enslaved inside a matrix,
I mean no wonder we couldn’t see Alice in the midst of all this greed injustice and malice,
Too many fallen promises for the rise of our human kindness consciences.
Now is our chance to take a stand for change !
The Atlantic is melting, so let’s flip the script and reenact Atlantis,
In the art of living together in a golden universe city.

Otherwise the world may simply O.D. so let’s go
From the pitiful “Over Dose” of human pollution
To wonderful “Ocean Dreams” of heaven solutions.

Isn’t a worldwide love life worthwhile
To feel the “global warming” of the Hearts
and turn the letter H at last to make it our Earth ?
Inside Humanity lies the hidden letters of unity.
One light, one world, one dream, One life, one love, one team!
Humanity wanteeeed

We all have a voice and we all have choice to make a meaningful noise
To not go down into history but up in the future like Atlantis.

The light always emerges from the dark and life is naturally a work of art.
And we ARE those lights and those sparks of magic to build the future of the oceans,
Epic and poetic with no plastic… waste.

I have just a few questions for your contribution in the souls of your corporations:
“You + The world = what is your higher mission? Us + the future = what is our horizon?“
What will be your Social Mission Statement, your ocean & environmental commitment,
Your Human Potential Empowerment and your soul awareness enlightenment ?

Connect your dots and find your Genius spot,
Your talent, ur purpose, ur gift for the world ! That’s ur Moonshot,
Pick a word and change the world with it.
Take actions and be a source of inspiration.
Be part of the solution not part of the pollution !

Let’s become that “Harmony Generation “
The generation that said Yes to life Yes to the future Yes to the oceans
Yes to common good and Yes to our human kindness.

Dear extraordinary people and enlightened leaders,
Let’s change the world together, forever and for the better.
Make it sustainable, equitable, profitable and even irresistible for all.
Life is a miracle… but “Blue marble is in trouble”
Let’s act global and stand up people for one home sweet home for us all.

May this be the beginning of a new era of the Gala of Mankind with Gaia,
To create a sustainable Nirvana in a global pact of all positive impacts.
Ocean2030, the rise of the Atlantis from the abyss, we are collectively the Plan Sea,
Let the new Ocean chapter of Humanity begin

Author/Speaker : Vincent Avanzi
Chief Poetic Officer – The Ink Of The Future

(All rights reserved)

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About the Speaker : Vincent Avanzi is a Chief Poetic Officer, Inspirational Speaker, Leadership Coach and founder of The Ink of The Future. Journalist for the newspaper Les Echos and speech writer for CEOs, he is the author of 2 world tours (A Human Odyssey), 3 TEDx and 7 books including “Harmony and The Genius Spot of Mankind” and “Trouver son Point Génial” (Hachette – preface by Satish Kumar). Former Microsoft manager with a life passion for poetry, he developed the concept of “Corporate Poetry” to bridge the gap between business and wisdom, poetry and prospective, leadership and harmony. He is now delivering inspiring key notes, poetic speeches and workshops on enlightened leadership, the power of words to change the world, finding your Genius Spot and developing your singularity, sustainability and the impacts of business, team-building and codesigning new horizons for our future, in public and corporate events across the world. He is also a consultant on brand identity and accompanies leaders on their transformational journey, their storytelling and the art of writing inspiring speeches. He speaks at many Sustainable Brands events and was named by Decideurs Magazine, an “enlightened leader”.  

Poetry will save the world and we’re all poets”


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