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Stand Up For Passion : Vincent Avanzi, Chief Poetic Officer – Poetizing Society

Stand Up For Passion
How poetry changed my life and can save the world ?

Stand Up For Passion is a « live event series dedicated to sharing and spreading passionate and inspirational stories. Everyone is inspirational, and everyone needs some inspiration… 7 passionate speakers, for 7 electrifying minutes delivering infinite inspiration. » It was founded by Arnaud Collery, storyteller coach and Chief Happiness Officer. It takes place every 3 months around the planet.


Last event was in London and the speakers were : Nicolas RoopeBindi Karia, Vincent Avanzi,Moulsari JainHuy Nguyen Trieu and Belina Raffy  Vincent « Poetrix » Avanzi did a talk on : « How poetry changed my life and can save the world ? » Here are some written extracts of the 7 minute talk with a few hashtags  #ChiefPoeticOfficer #Harmony #LifeMission #DreamAndWrite #RepoetizeOurSociety #ConnectYourDots #FindYourPath

« If a man without dreams is like a bird without wings.
Imagine poetic scenes in the heart of human beings
To travel in lost times and fly deep into your life.
In the wonders of a child and in the eyes of nevermind. »

« And still to this very day, it’s what I do on a daily basis : I dream and I write, I dream and I write, I don’t care if I’m right, I just dream and I write, I live and I fight, I lean and I fly, I scream and I cry, i sing and I smile !  Poetry is not my passion it’s my life. It’s the only thing in my path of life that I’ve always continuously done ever since I was a child »

« Voltaire once said that “Poetry is the music of the soul”. And that’s why it’s necessary. Today, we have depoetized our modern societies of the essence of our meaning of life, our reason of being, of our humanity. Poetry connects you to the appreciation of beauty of nature, the celebration of love and the revelation of joy, it’s what makes us human, connects us to life, to the present, our ideals, our beliefs, our human values, the goodness of people, the consciousness of the world, that sense of hope, the meaning of family, an act of sharing, the sources of our beings. »

« If poetry is positive momentum of optimism, a contemplation of the ideal and life is poetry in action, why not put poetry back into the heart of our society, to co-sign together a new narrative for the future, a poetic scenario of a world of harmony? »

« So I’d like to invite you all to free your energy and make a wish like a geny
To let the melodies of poetry open your world to the beauty of harmony.
The purpose of life for us is still the pursuit of happiness,
And never settle for less might be the key to our success.

Victor Hugo said a revolution is in our human nature.
And “there is nothing like a dream to create our own future”
So before I go off stage, I just have one last little secret:
Poetry CAN save the world and guess what, we’re all poets! »

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Official videos from the event will be out soon !

Author : Vincent Avanzi is a Chief Poetic Officer, inspirational Speaker and founder of La Plume Du Futur (The Ink of the Future). After graduating from ESCP in Paris and working at Microsoft as a global account manager, he went on to do a world tour called « A Human Odyssey: The 12 steps to reconnect to your heroic self ». The goal was to see how to change your self in order to change the world. With a life passion for poetry and a life mission to poetize our society, he now gives conferences to companies and entrepreneurs throughout the world on “corporate poetry” to unleash the human potential, develop happiness at work and reveal collective intelligence. He also performs poetic recaps in all kinds of public events to inspire as an opening or closing capture aiming at the art of living together. Poetry is a positive and optimistic momentum towards the future and a revelation tool to write possible horizons for the world(s) of tomorrow.

Author of 5 books, Sur la Route de Soi, La Poésie de la Vie, Edendorado and Nirvanesque, he furthermore facilitates keynotes and round-tables as a Poetic Master of Ceremony. Finally, co-founder of the first Corporate Happiness University in France and practioner of Positive Psychology, he writes articles for the business newspaper Les Echos.

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Services : 1) Creative Conferences 2) Inspirational poetic speeches 3) Corporate Poetic Brand Identity. For contact or invitation to do a poetic conference or poetic inspirational speeches in your event or company, send an email to contact @ odysseehumaine.com.

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