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Imagine 2 : The Regen Narrative (Harmony 2020 – A Poetic Manifesto )

Imagine 2 The Regen Narrative


Imagine we all live and love
in a world full of harmony
Imagine in all names of gods,
we reveal our true identity.

Imagine a brighter future like Martin Luther
Connected with nature as mature creatures
Imagine we fly high in the skies ’till the end of times
Through the wings of the poetry of life

Imagine we write a bright lasting story of Mankind
As a symphony of all living species
Imagine we realize we share our common destiny
As one united caring family

Imagine we don’t try to be Number One’s
But ONE together without numbers for once
Imagine we value the path of the ecology of life
More than the economy of mines/minds.

Imagine we switch from brutality to humanity,
From agony to harmony, market share to humanity sharing
Imagine we open up our souls to spirituality
With humility to awaken our universality

Imagine we thrive from CoVid19 to CoBuild20
To collectively build the future as a « Regen Narrative »
Imagine we dream and act in a global pact
Of Key Positive Impact (KPI) with our planet postcard as a roadmap

Imagine we continue to lift the history of Humanity
To go from the U.S. to the U.N. to the U.H. as “United Humanity
Imagine winning is not enough anymore
And we need to “Win-Win” all together for an encore

Imagine we cosign a “better normall” with 2 Ls for “ALL”
Rising from business as usual to « business with a soul ».
Imagine gratitude stretching us to higher altitudes,
Since when we change our attitude, we change the world’s latitude

Imagine it’s Humanity o’clock and the time has come
To replace our personal income by universal outcome
Imagine this manifesto is a sign of how poetry
Can give life to utopia and we’re all poets in the making

Imagine 8 billion people all “co creating equal”
Reminiscing on that song from the Beatles as a sequel.
Imagine we are the RE Generation, the one that rhymes
With elevation, revolution and real love as a solution

Harmony 2020 perhaps « plenty plenty »
Or do the math, Agony 2050 collapse « empty empty ».
The Earth is our heart and we can still choose our destiny
If we finally decide to follow the « We » for infinity.

And imagine poverty is not the root of all evil
But it’s poetree that’s the root of all people,
Now back to essentials, let human kindness show its full potential
As a call of the soul in the dome of our home sweet home for us all…

CoBuild20, Harmony, the Regen Narrative
From utopia to reality, we’re all human family relatives.

« You may say I’m a poet, but I’m not the only one »…

Author : Vincent Avanzi
Chief Poetic Officer, Human Odyssey

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The Universe in A Unique Verse (Pangea Anthem)

This poem was written as a hommage to the timeless « Imagine » track by John Lennon in front of the John Lennon Wall.

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