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#COBUILD20 « End the Pandemic, Start the Poetic » A Poem by Vincent Avanzi


From #COVID19 to #COBUILD20
End the Pandemic
Start the Poetic


End the pandemic, start the poetic
Soon will the magic thrive from the tragic.
Earth versus Mankind, Beauty and the Beast
At last but not least, footprints and heartbeats

S.O.S. calling “world emergency”
L.O.L. causing a panic frenzy
Save the world, stay home. Slow down, act quickly
From captivity to creative dreams

Forget harm/money, connect Harmony
We’re all just humans in this tragedy
Let’s not yet bury our humanity
In cemeteries, wars and misery

Greed and a disease, common enemies
Lights of destiny, calls of unity
A human kind-ness worldwide symphony
For the survival of every species


Time to build bridges, not finance wall streets
Shift economies to ecology
Solidarity, path to sobriety
What’s prosperity? Which higher duties?

This time suspended marks our chance to build
Reboot and rethink model societies
Love Revolution, souls awakening
Back to essentials, life is a blessing

Future next exit, make it poetic
As Little Princes, Little Princesses
Put the me on pause, watch the we rising
People march and sing a world wise win-win

Live poetically, feel the You turning
‘Till we meet again, ours sincerely
One Universal HumaniPARty
#VitalNotViral Sane new world begins


Victims rest in peace, thanks hospital teams
Today we were here and we did something
« Stars are Majestic, Start the Poetic »
From #COVID19 to #COBUILD20

Vincent Avanzi
Chief Poetic Officer
The Ink Of The Future

(All rights reserved)


Original on Transparent

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