Sustainable Brands Paris 19 : 5 poetic journeys from a Chief Poetic Officer

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Welcome to Sustainable Brands Paris 2019

Sustainable Brands came to Paris at Le Louvre on April 23-25 bringing 3000 changemakers from all around the world together. Discover the 5 poetic journeys proposed and written by Vincent Avanzi, Chief Poetic Officer and codesigned with Pixelis in the intro of each plenary sessions. Guests include : Jules Turlet, deaf artist & Hélène de Flandre, Harmonistic singer.

Watch the compilation of all 5 poetic journeys in this video

1 Envision the world (0:00) 2 Empower the people (3:29) 3 Embrace our humanity (7:11)
4 Enlighten the planet (11:03) 5 Engage the future (16:29)

1. New Spaces : « Envision the world »

Poetic Speech:

Do you know what is the difference between this galaxy of stars and this one ?
None, it’s just a reflection of our perfection
8 billion human beings sharing their common destiny
In the harmony of a symphony in one single spaceship
Called “Unity”, the secret word hidden inside “humanity”.

Like the word “Earth” holds same letters as Heart if you turn them around.
So can you feel the heart beating and the planet breathing?
Open your heart and open your ears, look at the stars we are all here
As a matter of fact,why don’t we all just close our Is and open our WEs ?

Today I just want to sing that we all come from the same being
The same bean the same scene the same ring the same spring
The same king the same queen the same dream
The same yang yin cause we are the next best thing
To compose the metamorphosis of our cosmos in osmosis,
The cooperation of our corporations and the universe in a single unique verse,

If there is no Planet B, there may be a plan C, to see the poetry of world,
The soul of mankind, the beauty of life, the wonders of nature
For a brighter future, a dream like Martin Luther.

So instead of all trying to be N°1,
Why don’t we just try to be ONE, together without numbers for once,
One light, one world, one dream,
One life, one love, one team!

We don’t want to go down into history, we want to go up in the future!
And we all have a voice and we all have a choice:
So we can be part of the pollution or we can be part of the solution.

The question for this generation is :
Do we want to create a better society for the few
Or a better society for the future,in harmony with nature as we are now mature?
I don’t really know if big or small is beautiful,
But together and tomorrow are wonderful.

So I have a double question for our contribution :
“You + The world = what is your higher mission?
Us + the future = what is our horizon?“
Thank you for your future actions
And welcome in this wonderful universe city of lights.

2. Feel Good : « Empower the people »

Chaplin said that the shortest path between two human beings is a smile.
The purpose of life for us is still the pursuit of happiness
Let’s turn all this BS into SB, chaos into OK, impossible into I’m possible,
We’re possible and a more sustainable world is possible,

I have a question for you :
What if we all had a gift for the world ?
A G spot, a Genius Spot, our true purpose, our highest talent, our reason of being, our added value, our essence, our mission of life, our word for the world? Pick a word and change the world with it!

When you change the world, it’s a chance for all
And when we change the world, it’s chance for love…
In the end, what matters is not whether you’re the best IN the world
What matters is whether you’re the best FOR the world !

3. Fair & Inclusive : « Embrace our humanity »

Dear citizens of the world and corporate leaders, again welcome
Let’s change the word for good, not only for goods unless they’re common.
Business mixed with a little bit of wisdom for a global happiness kingdom,
Because the brands and the leaders of the future,
They care about the outcome of humanity, not only its income.

Introducing the Poetic Charter of the Human Constitution for the Future
And welcome Jules, a deaf artist will dance it in sign language

The Poetic Charter of the Human Constitution
for the Future -The 10 Commitments-

I. Realize our human essence by awakening our free souls of conscience
II. Protect the wonderful biodiversity of the planet with our life presence
III. Do our personal and collective share using our singular genius talents
IV. Access education to all children for fulfilment knowledge and tolerance
V.Reconcile all religious beliefs by preserving their common inner essence
VI. Act for climate change in a global citizen pact of our interdependence
VII. Enclose sustainable corporate responsibility in all mission statements
VIII. Aim at a fair, conscious and inclusive economic symbiosis environment
IX. Define fraternity, dignity and harmony in a “Bill of Life” human parchment
X. Co-write a common project for our future in a world wise win win convergence

In the unity of Humanity lies our opportunity
To finally embrace our amazing common destiny.
Let’s build a world of harmony in this new century
To rewrite our own story for a Human collective Renaissance


4. Virtuous Value Chain : « Enlighten the planet »

“We don’t carry the burden of the past on our shoulders”
We carry the bird of the future of love together for our children
Let’s start a “LOVE REVOLUTION”, the Big-Bang of Ying-Yang
Isn’t a worldwide love life worthwhile
To give us a climate chance at a global warming of the hearts?

They say “no pain, no gain”, we say today “no chain, no gain”,
“No human chain, no future gain”

Let’s live a moment of poetry, music and harmony together with Hélène of Harmonistic.

In the end, we don’t have the power, no, we ARE the power !
So next time somebody tells you “follow me”, answer, no, “follow We !”

5. Tech & Science Ethics : « Engage the future »

Dear Enlightened Leaders, what’s next ?
It’s now time for all brands to take a stand with both of our hands for a happy land.
You heard of the 4Ps of Prosperity for a sustainable future : “Purpose Profit Planet People”
Let’s add a 5th P, P for Poetry to humanize and harmonize the world.

This post capitalism era we live in is a shot at humanism.
It’s not History in the making, it’s the future and amazing.
And if we all came from diff boats, now we’re on the same ship,
You know what it’s called ? The HR, the ”Human Relation” ship.

What if after making powerpoints, we starting making purpose points?
Instead of building business plans, we made happiness plans?
Instead of maximizing our earnings, we started to harmonize the living
At the 21st century crossroad, could the motto of our essential universal goals become
Business + awareness of our souls = success + happiness for us all?

Here is a list of questions destined to the souls of our corporations :
Tomorrow, what will be your Social Mission Statement,
your Environmental commitment,
Your Human Potential Empowerment,
your soul awareness enlightenment ?
Your contribution to our human evolution
with good ethical working conditions ?
Your common good retribution,
Your purpose and horizon, your values and higher mission ?

2020 the year of “plenty plenty” if we resist we exist.
2050 the year of “empty empty”, if we insist we exit.
AI can either be a lie or our ally, to fly high in the skies
As we also believe in PI, the Poetic Intelligence of our lives.

Artificial intelligence
And we still dream of a world where Art is official like the Renaissance.

What will be our collective genius, our vital purpose as a reason of being
Our common part of singularity, humanity and eternity.
No matter what you do, keep up the heart work
And lead by example as brands of the future.
And remember, don’t be careful, be wonderful!

We would now like to invite into the heart of a new Era :
The return of Pangea, as the Gala of the GAFA, Mankind and Gaia
For a Global pact, of social and environmental impact
Called a “Sustainable Business Nirvana”

So at last keep co-creating the future with no ceiling,
Rewrite your own narrative and enchant your company
As words always precede reality.
The future is our next exit so make it epic and poetic.
And now let the new true success story of mankind and capitalism begin

Author : Vincent Avanzi

(All rights reserved)

Author: Vincent Avanzi
Chief Poetic Officer The Ink Of The Future

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Biography : Vincent Avanzi is a Chief Poetic Officer, Inspirational Speaker, Leadership Coach and founder of The Ink of The Future (La Plume Du Futur). Journalist for the french newspaper Les Echos, he is the author of 2 world tours, 3 TEDx and 5 books including “Harmony and The Genius Spot of Mankind”. Former business manager and changemaker with a life passion for poetry, he invented the concept of “Corporate Poetry” to bridge the gap between business and wisdom, poetry and prospective, leadership and harmony. He is now delivering inspiring key notes, poetic speeches and workshops on how to develop the human potential and design new horizons for our future, in public and corporate events across the world. He is also a consultant on “poetic brand identity” and helps organizations find sustainable slogans aligned with their purpose. More info on


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