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{SUSTAINABLE BRANDS Poetic Speech} Change the world by changing the words


Sustainable Brands is an international organization helping build « bridges to better brands » around the world, with events in all continents and purpose lead brands for the future. The following poetic speech was the opening night speech in the Copenhagen event held Oct 30 – Nov 1 2017.

Poetic Speech
Change the world by changing the words

« Redefining the common good life »


Hello my name is Vincent Avanzi, I’m a Chief Poetic Officer
And my mission is to enlighten conventions, brands and events and make you travel in the future.

Charli Chaplin once said “the closest route between two human beings is a smile”
And since we’re here in one of the happiest places in the world,
Yesterday a Dane told me Happiness relies on the 3Ps : Pleasure, Pride Purpose.
I wanted to add another P for poetry to poetize humanize harmonize the world

“What is the value of a brand if there is no virtue in your hand?”
I mean we’re all in this life, planet, future, present, together till the end.
It reminds me of a quote from Einstein talking about “brand value”,
He said “Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value.”
In other words, maybe try not to become a brand of success, rather a brand of value…
Maybe that’s the real success!

I have another question for you:
Who wants to be N°1? Who ? Raise your hand.
Why don’t we just try to be ONE, without numbers for once,
Each is their uniqueness and Genius Spot but united.
One humanity, one world, one harmony, one love, one family, one soul!

It’s not the winner takes all, it’s the winner shares all.
Change the world for good not for goods.
We all have a voice and we all have a choice:
We can be part of the solution or we can be part of the pollution.
To be or not to be, to be a part of or apart of”,
That is the question for our generation.

Welcome to a poetic journey into the future of brands
Entitled “Change the world by changing the words”
Add a L to it from word to world, put some Love in it
Because words always precede the reality in History,
Refresh the climate and rewrite our story for this century.

It’s funny and not very poetic,
But sometimes we hear a lot of bull shit from some of the blue chip companies
From Wall Street to All Streets,
So I want to do a magic trick this evening,
How about we turn all this BS into SB?
Chaos into OK, impossible into I’m possible, we’re possible,
And a more sustainable equitable profitable world is possible.

I know all of you in the room are engaged in this movement, thank you,
And as the World is in our hands and we’re trying to build bridges to better brands
It’s time to take a stand for a happy end:

Do we want to create a better society for the few
Or a better society for the future with nature as we are now mature?
Let’s compose together the metamorphosis of the cosmos into osmosis.

I would like to invite you to go on a poetic journey into the future together.
“Words are a land of wonders” and a World Wise Win Win is a heaven of a quest for numbers.

The post capitalism era we’re entering in is a shot at humanism.
It’s not History in the making, it’s the Future in the making.
If we all came from different boats, we are all now on the same ship,
It’s called the HR, The ”Human Relation” ship,
A mix of social partner ship and caring leader ship.

So what is your purpose in all of this riddle,
Your reason of being and Happiness Index?
It’s not about what kind of “business model”,
It’s about being a good model for business…

What if after making power points, we made purpose points?
Instead of building business plan, we made happiness plans?
Instead of maximizing our earnings, we started to harmonize the living?

If the present is too fast, why don’t we start initiating a new route?
Imitating is full past so let’s all spark a new light by redefining the com good life.

Truth be told, because the world was never to be sold,
Rush for gold, only sell your products not your soul
We’re all superheroes by the great talents that we hold.
The things we own or the links we share, what’s having it all?

The purpose of life for us is still the pursuit of happiness
And never settle for less might be the key to our success.

What future do we really want to build?
A brand value has no value unless we practice it.
And the future will be the result not of how we imagine it
But how we live the present and act in it.

You want a more humane and honest future for your children,
Be more humane and honest in the present.
You want a more peaceful and fair future, be more peaceful and fair today.
Want a less abusive and more inclusive world, be less abusive and more inclusive period.

As Gandhi said: “Let’s be the change we want to see in this world”
We’re all weapons of mass construction to build a sustainable society
With our ideas and ideals to believe in our dreams and achieve all our schemes

Having the consciousness to change, evolve and finally be kind,
This may very well be the miracle of life and the beauty of mankind.
We the people, all created equal, nobody is evil so imagine the riddle,
“A dream you dream alone is only a dream, a dream we dream together is reality”,
Said a wise man once from the Beatles in a song destined to us all… Imagine…

Imagine we have a dream, Imagine we are a team
Imagine we all say oui, Imagine we can all be
Imagine we might just win, Imagine this is reality.
Imagine we build a world of harmony peace and solidarity
To live as one human family.

Victor Hugo said a revolution is in our human nature.
And “there is nothing like a dream to create our own future”
Allow yourself to dream and free your inner artistic soul
Listen to others in your teams and together set beyond realistic goals
The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is right now.

In this time of change of civilization, climate change and united nations,
There’s a glimpse of a possible reconciliation as we share common aspirations
Facing the implications of our actions as a source of inspiration.

What’s your point, your goal, your essence,
Your note your fragrance, your zone of influence?
The economy is in deep need of good deeds, meaning and guidance,
A balance of science and conscience, on the dancefloor of our interdependence
At the dawn of artificial intelligence.

It’s not that “time is of the essence” but life is, now as a renaissance,
So let’s switch the paradigm for a good life.
And maybe go from a “New York minute” to a cooler slower wiser “New World Minute”.
The Sustainable Brands celebrating your meaningful enterprise sounds like a tribute,
To how everyone in the world can chose a fight and contribute.

So let’s invent a sustainable “brand new world”
Modernize the structure and poetize our culture,
Without compromising the future or jeopardizing our nature.
Sail off at the heart of your conscience.
Sell more and connect with your audience.

Make your messages and brand alive,
Entertaining and enlightening, touching and moving,
Innovative and disruptive, systemic, attractive and magnetic,
Poetic dynamic and magic, Intimate universal and essential,
So that the motto of our deep rooted global goals
At the 21st century crossroad, becomes
“Business + awareness of our souls = success + happiness for us all.”

Then “Redefining the common good life” may be a mix recipe
Of gender equality, empathy and healthy society, sense of community,
Happy diversity, renewable energy and circular economy,
Upcycling, waste reusing, smart city partnerships, balanced simplicity,
B Corp businesses with a purpose, beyond product and services,
Cross industry initiatives, green Net positive and not greed net worth it,
And climate chance for a global warming, of the hearts, can you feel this?

If yes, let’s put harmony in our companies
As an opportunity of unity for Humanity in our common destiny!

I mean seriously, isn’t it poetically correct to try to save the planet,
Not with a butterfly or overview but harmony effect
Against our non-sensed progress and thrive for success
Live better with less, share is the best, u do great yes but what about the rest?
And what will be our next collective and personal footsteps
In this transformational awareness Leadership process?

All doers, innovators changemakers, dreamers, hackers, leaders,
Pioneers, solution providers, drivers, game or brand changers
Part of a bigger future and looking a further picture,
Don’t just follow orders, follow your heart and your art.
And follow WE, because we are the power,
We are the assets and we are the guardian angels of the future.

Let’s become that new “Harmony Generation “ as our next human evolution,
The one that said Yes to a life Yes to the future Yes to our planet,
Yes to common good and Yes to our human kind-ness!

I don’t really know if big or small is beautiful,
But together and tomorrow are wonderful combined
So rewrite the future and remix the culture aligned

Be that role business model, that pioneer of the good,
That one of a kind manufacturer, that conscious leader to open the ways to new lights,
Profitable and sustainable is not a question, nor an invitation,
It’s an obligation for the future generations.
As we do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.

In the end, what’s left for us in the future if we can’t do what’s right in the present?
At last, humanity first, married with the earth second,
To raise our Vs, as V for value, not V for Vendetta for doing better
And making it happen as ALL OF THE WORLD matters.


Ladies and gentlemen, my dear fellow citizens of the same world,
We want to thank you for your engagement and your empowerment,
Your commitment and your excitement to preserve our environment
As a possible star gate to enlightenment.

Continue to unleash the human potential, make our brands sustainable,
Our values respectable and our trading equitable,
Believe in something exceptional and look at the future as one single soul.

Change the words, take away the swords and you’ll change the world
Any individual against all odds, making the most of their soul:
Because when you change the world, it’s a chance for all
And when you change the world, it’s chance for love…

On that blue note,
Wishing the best products services or life that money can’t buy
To someone Is my definition of a good bye!
Thank you and have a good life, a poetic common good one that is.

Business and wisdom for a happiness kingdom,
Because the brands of the future,
They care about the outcome of Humanity, not only its income.

Thank you, Cheers, Hygge !

Author : Vincent Avanzi,
Chief Poetic Officer, Inspirational Speaker
And founder of The Ink Of The Future


For poetic speeches, key notes on inspirational leadership and poetic creativity in your brands, conventions and events, go to the www.vincentavanzi.com or send a mail to contact@odysseehumaine.com 

SB 2017

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And the closing duo Mr Curiosity (Thomas Kolster – Goodvertising) and Mr Harmony (Vincent Avanzi)
on stage for a « Pledge of Tolerance »

 “We pledge allegiance to the Pact of the United Citizens of the World
And to the Republics of Harmony for which it stands, one Humanity under Good,
With invincible principles of peace, liberty and good life for all”

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