P.O.E.T.R.Y. Life Poet Society

Life Poet Society

Welcome to A Human Poetic Odyssey, a new Life Poet Society to poetize our century and dream of new possible human worlds ! The art of Poethics, the poetry of life, and corporate poetry. How can we reveal our true selves and creative talents throught writing and expressing our dreams ?  Victor Hugo said “there is nothing like a dream to create the future » and Voltaire « poetry is the music of the soul »… Discover poems, poetic creative workshops, Poetic MCing and poetic worlds to build.


P.O.E.T.R.Y. : The acronym

P Possible futures and dreams
O Open your heart to art
E Elevate soul to energy of life
T Tell your story and touch people
R rythm and rhyme
Y yes, why not

PoeTRY : The Poetree of Life 

In poetry there’s TRY 3 magic letters to find your branch in the poetree of life. Accessible to all a pen and paper and words as a puzzle to assemble in this human heart form. Take a chance, en français we say “au pire ca marche, donc bon voyage » !


Poem : Awakening of Senses

Are we really after answers? Awakening of senses
To connect our emotions? Enlightening consciences
I’m feeling so grateful, I see wonders in all of you,
I’m feeling amazing, my heart screaming I love you.

So today can you please plant a seed
As you would with a good deed,
And if love is not only what you need,
Then we need you to open your heart or leave…

Beyond any dreams necessary, so why even be cautious or wary?
Imaginary minds visionary, we can see the sun even in January!
Taste it, it’s fantastic, take it, feel the magic!
Give it your all, sensorialists, live it for real, pure life artists!

Awakening of senses, may the senses be with you.
A flavor for a favor, forever and for heaven.
Now please design a poetic life and work of heart
Full of sense, senses and consciences…

Author : Vincent Avanzi
Modern Day Poet, Speaker and Chief Poetic Officer
The Ink of the Future

Keynote Brochure Corporate Poetry – Vincent Avanzi

Patchwork Corporate Poetry

For more info on poetic creative workshops for companies and individuals,
Please visit the website The Ink of The Future

2016-01-14, Soirée des passeurs du bonheur au travail-5533

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