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[Interview Le Parisianer] A Poetic Life in Paris

Welcome to the city of love !

Follow the VLog projet by Benjamin Chaminade alias Le Parisianer on youtube, 100 videos in Paris in 100 days in 2016 ! This video was filmed in the 6th district in Paris in sites from the movie Midnight in Paris and the café Les Editeurs.

« Poetry is feeling those human values inside you and appreciate the beauty of what surrounds us, nature, the city, the people, the present, life itself. Poetry in its essence is connected to your soul, your ideals, your dreams, your man kindness, the good side of yourself, in the heart of who we are as human beings, it makes you smile and elevate yourself from daily life to reveal your true you. It’s a beautiful human art form accessible to everyone who wants to poetize their/the world… » Vincent Avanzi

Video N°71 : A Poetic Life in Paris

Poem : A poetic life in Paris

A poetic life to cherish, after Midnight in Paris,
Is it a midlife crisis or just real life flashes?
In the language of love and the beauty of the world,
Is the silence of our souls like a diamond in the sun?

Dreams to touch the skies and fly over your life,
Travel in lost times, fantasize over your wife
Whatever you like, just let your aura shine,
In the wonders of a child, the eyes of never mind.

Not counting hours, give me hot coffee, flowers
Tell stories, laughters, indeed what are we after?
Parisian art of living, it’s in your heart believing
That a star is shining since the very beginning.

And if only today exists, take the present as a gift,
The past as a souvenir and the future as a glimpse
Romantic destiny, authentic melody :
The purpose of life for us is still the pursuit of happiness.

Cheers to a life of love, romance and poetry!
From Paris, the original city of the French Kiss!

Pourquoi voir la vie en prose
Quand tu peux la voir en poésie ?
Au travers d’un bouquet de roses
Qui illumine le chant des si…

Author : Vincent Avanzi


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Vincent Avanzi is a modern-day french poet, globe-trotter​ and inspirational speaker at La Plume Du Futur.  After a world tour entitled « A Human Odyssey: 12 steps to connect your dots to change the world », he now gives corporate poetic conferences and has made a name in France for his poetic recaps of main national events. Pionner of the concept of Corporate Poetry, he is the author of the following poetic books :  Sur la Route de Soi  La Poésie de La Vie – L’Edendorado.


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