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[Outter Space] 4 great current human explorations

Throughout History, some humans have been driven by the exploration of our planet, some by the understanding of mankind, some by their passion of life, or all of the above, and some by the discovery of outter space. Here are 4 recent-future incredible space human experiences :

1. Supersonic Jump
39 000 meter Freefall by Felix Baumgartner (starting at 4:00)

2. Space Tourism
Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic 3rd powered flight

3. Time Lapse | Earth
Sequences taken by astronauts onboard the International Space Station (ISS)

4. The Music and Song of Earth
Voyager Space sounds from NASA

While technology and discoveries seem to have no limit, let’s also focus on urgent earthly matters
such as World Peace, Hunger and Global Warming.

25 Alarming Global Warming Statistics

It’s time to act, after the recent Global Warming March  and into the Global Climate Summit in Paris this december !

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V.A. is a poet globe-trotter and entrepreneur. After 2 world tours, he is now giving conferences on travelling, entrepreneurship and creativity through the magic of poetry. Author of more than a hundred poems in french and english, he is currently writing a poetic book of his adventures and reflections across the globe. For any request or conferences, please contact the author at

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