TDM Chapitre 4 : Ying Yang (The Art of Love)

Tour du Monde « Odyssée Humaine »
– Chapitre 4 : Ying Yang –


Découvrez la chanson originale enregistrée au Mexique :
A Ying Yang Thriller (dream girl anthem)

P.S. : Le Testamant de l’Amour
(The Love Testimony 2015)

She said don’t buy me presents baby, just give me love.
Remember when we used to meet at the end of the world.
World tour was a life style with a good bottle of wine,
We really didn’t know why but I knew you would be mine.

Just looking at my star would make me want to touch the sky,
When our roads would intertwine, I would feel we could just shine.
Beautiful soul and heart in the gallery of my art,
Poetic flower smile, she’s still the story of my life.

I love you to this day like every single day.
It’s 30 shades of grace for your happy birthday!
You are my favorite place like one rose in a bouquet,
May love be the witness of a life of joy and happiness.


Allez lire les vers aimants de la poésie de l’amour
Sinon, retournez à l’itinéraire de l’Odyssée ICI.

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