[Live COP21] Poetic Climate Change : No Planet B

Poetic Climate Change : No Planet B

One degree, 2 degrees, 3 degrees, 4!
One more tree, 2 more trees, 3 more trees, fall…

What if the world was just a big comedy?
Wouldn’t we need more melodies and poetry?
What if our goal in the end was just a state of harmony?
Wouldn’t you wish here to put your arms on “we”?

We all come from the same tree and family.
We all feel in our heart that sense of humanity.
So if our visions lead us to the same horizon,
Why is it that our mission doesn’t reflect that ambition?

From the kid section to the adult intersection,
Our planet is a mansion where we all have a pension.
When love is in motion, we can focus our attention,
On gratitude to be mentioned in the souls of our nations.

The art of connection in the heart of emotions,
The dreams in collection in the seed of the ocean.
State of the heart, light in the dark, stakes are so high,
We all have to fight, believe we can fly, for nature is a right.

Local warning and global warming
So stop talking and start acting,
COP21 and we all will have won
When we all finally feel like ONE!

“Love or hate”: we cannot negotiate.
“Share and care”, keep the faith in our fate.
A man without dreams is like a bird without wings
And I still believe in the heart of all human beings.

For the love of future generations,
Reduce carbon dioxide intoxication.
Has human kind lost her mind?
Are we blind or are we kind?!

There is not Planet B, so please
Visons l’Amour avec un grand A.
Il n’y a pas de planète B,
Donc visons l’Amour avec un grand A.

Vincent Avanzi
Modern Day Poet – A Human Odyssey

Art poéticlimatique ENG-01

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