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Letter : Mister Vladimir Putin (The Poetics of Geopolitics)

Mr. Zelensky – Mr. Putin (photo @ Newsweek)

Mister Vladimir Putin
(The Poetics of Geopolitics)

A letter from a resident to a president.

Mr. Putin’ (“Putting”) love first, war second and massacres last,
Mr. Putin’ peace in the world above all other paths.
Mr. Putin’ harmony between nations in a pact of non-aggression,
Mr. Putin’ stars in constellations instead of scars and desolation.

Mr. Putin’ justice and freedom to reach higher levels of wisdom.
Mr. Putin’ egos aside to see our collective heroes in sight.
Mr. Putin’ refugees out of harm’s way, with a H.U.G. and a nice day.
Mr. Leavin’ a legacy behind, in the sake of the children of Mankind.

Mr. Putin’ Ukraine out of pain and despair,
Mr. Putin’ elevation above escalation, compromise over confrontation.
Mr. Putin’ the world out of grave danger to build a future of wonders,
Mr. Putin’ a more balanced world order by holding hands together.

May these verses inspire the first lines of a Peace Treaty
As we still share one common Humanity far from brutality.
Mr. Vladimir Putin, please become the M.V.P. the Most Valuable Player
To show your nobility in the face of adversity as an enlightened leader.

Thank you, end the war, negotiate,
With love, from Paris to Russia, no hate,
Wishing we all celebrate our bonded fate
For a more poetic geopolitics world state.

Give in to get more, as a Thanksgiving encore,
U.N., U.E., U.S., U.R., we are… much more: Open the door.

(*We could replace in the poem the name « Putin » by any leader/president in the world.)

Vincent Avanzi
Chief Poetic Officer – A Human Odyssey

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